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Full text of "One hundreth anniversary of peace among English speaking peoples, 1814-1914"

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National Committee 

for the 

Celebration of the One Hundredth 

Anniversary of Peace Among 

English-Speaking Peoples 

December 24, 1814— December 24, 1914 


Honorary Chairman 

Theodore Roosevelt 

Honorary V ice-Chairmen 

Elihu Root William Jennings Bryan 

Levi P. Morton Alton B. Parker 

Adlai E. Stevenson Joseph H. Choate 

Andrews Carnegie 

Edwin Ginn Albert K. Smiley 

John D. Crimmins Oscar S. Straus 


J. P. Morgan & Co. 

Honorary Treasurer 

Lyman J. Gage 


James L. Wandling 

Chairman Finance Committee 

James G. Cannon 

V ice-Chairman Finance Committee 

William Curtis Demorest 

Chairman Auditing Committee 

Job E. Hedges 

Chairman Finance Committee 
Ex- O f f i ci o 

Alfred Hodges 

Honorary Secretary 

Harry P. Judson 


Andrew B. Humphrey 

Executive Committee 

Charles W. Fairbanks, Honorary Chairman 

Theodore E. Burton, Honorary Vice-Chairman 

J. Horace McFarland, Honorary Secretary 

John A. Stewart, Chairman 


Theodore Marburg Jacob H. Schiff 

William H. Short, Secretary 

50 CHxmcH Street, New York City 

3tn iMgmortam 

John Jacob Astor, 

Inventor, Author, CapitaHst 

Isador Straus, 

Merchant, Philanthropist 

Francis D. Millet, 

Soldier, War Correspondent, 
Journalist, Author, Artist 

Honorary Associate Members 

William T. Stead, London 

Publisher, Pacifist, Writer 

Charles M. Hays, Canada 

President Grand Trunk Rail- 

These members of our National 
Committee, with sixteen hundred 
and thirty-five men and women, 
lost their lives on Monday, April 
15th, 1912, when the steamship 
"Titanic" collided with an iceberg 
and sank to the bottom of the 
North Atlantic. 

Let him that would find the 
epitaph of these men who thus lost 
their lives, read it in the women 
and children who survived and for 
whom they sacrificed themselves 
like brave, God-fearing and honor- 
able men. 

G\n from 


THE National Committee for the 
Celebration of the One Hun- 
dredth Anniversary of Peace among 
English-Speaking Peoples was organ- 
ized in February, 1910, to bring 
about a proper and an adequate cele- 
bration of the approaching centenary 
anniversary of the ratification of the 
Ghent Treaty. The movement had 
and has no other purpose than that 
which appears in its title. 

The celebration movement derives 
Its impetus and inspiration from the 
fact that, despite the large number of 
disputed questions which have been 
outstanding between America and 
Great Britain during the past century, 
all differences have been settled one 
by one by means of diplomacy or ar- 
bitration. This achievement Is all the 
more striking when there Is taken in- 
to consideration the unfortified fron- 
tier of 3,840 miles which separates 
Canada and the United States. 

It Is natural, therefore, that there 
should have grown up a desire In 
America and the British Empire to 
celebrate this century of peace be- 
tween two kindred peoples that, 
though they have twice engaged in 
armed conflict, have for so long a 
time acted, in their International re- 
lationship on the basis of an arbitral 
settlement of all disputes. 

But a century of peace between 
France and all English-speaking 

countries will be completed in 191 5, 
and for one hundred and fifty years 
there has been no armed conflict be- 
tween England and Germany and 
never as between America and Ger- 
many. It is, as was announced from 
the beginning, the purpose of the 
Committee, when international orga- 
nization shall have been advanced, to 
invite not only France and Germany, 
but Holland, Sweden, Norway, Italy, 
Austro-Hungary and the other na- 
tions of the world to be our guests in 
the celebration. 

It should be said once and for all 
that any statement to the effect that 
the Committee is engaged in any pur- 
pose other than that which appears 
in this pamphlet is an absolute and 
unqualified misstatement of facts. 
Equally untrue is any assertion that 
the Committee represents any person 
or organization other than itself and 
its own members. 

The influence of the Committee 
will be exerted towards securing the 
highest artistic character possible for 
any monuments which may be erected 
commemorating the centennial. It is 
desired that all American memorials 
should, in sentiment and purpose, be 
less a commemoration of the past 
than a covenant of a continuation for 
the future of present amity and good 

The Committee will assume no 
governmental or diplomatic functions, 
but will leave the approach of the 
governments, one to the other, for 
purposes of the celebration, to be 
made by such official representatives 


as each may hereafter appoint. Such 
delegations from the Committee as 
may visit other countries will go with 
the sole object of conveying informa- 
tion concerning the organization and 
purposes of the Committee, and of In- 
spiring in the countries which may be 
visited organization and activity for 
like purposes. 

The celebration of this anniversary 
probably offers the best opportunity 
our generation will see for the culti- 
vation of world-wide goodwill. 
I The headquarters of the National 

Committee are at 50 Church Street, 
New York City. 



THE Committee trusts, In view of 
the unusually drastic provisions 
which have been made for safeguard- 
ing expenditures, that friends and 
members will supply its treasury with 
necessary funds, both now and as spe- 
cial appeals may be made from time 
to time. The Treasurer, Mr. James 
L. Wandling, Treasurer and Trustee 
of the New York Savings Bank, may 
be addressed at No. 623 Broadway, 
or in care of J. P. Morgan & Co., 

Plan and Purpose of 

Movement to Celebrate the One 

Hundredth Anniversary of 

Peace Among English 

Speaking Peoples 

1814 -'15— 1914-15 

(From Address of Mr. Andrew B. Humphrey) 
(Mohonk Conference, May, 191], Revised) 

IT is significant that the signing of 
the Treaty of Ghent on Christ- 
mas Eve, 1 8 14, was not brought 
about by the Commissioners assigned 
to that duty, for after they had been 
in conference for nearly six months 
the two Nations themselves, forced 
by a strong public sentiment among 
the peoples of both countries that de- 
manded peace, directed the Commis- 
sioners to conclude a peace pact re- 
gardless of the prior claim set forth 
by the Commissioners and their re- 
spective governments. Thus the 
Ghent treaty was concluded without 
reference to the issues which brought 
on the war. The treaty was forced 
by public sentiment and is a monu- 
ment to that greater force than war, 
irresistible national public opinion. 

This same force of popular opin- 
ion has maintained peace for a cen- 
tury regardless of treaties and despite 
the failure of treaties, and has 
brought about the elimination of sub- 
stantially all the serious causes of ir- 
ritation between the two countries. 

The idea of celebrating one hun- 
dred years of peace seems to have oc- 

curred spontaneously to many people, 
and without co-operation. It was first 
discussed during the administration 
of former President Roosevelt, and 
it is probably true that through Pres- 
ident Roosevelt, Andrew Carnegie, 
former Minister MacKenzie King, 
of Canada, Mr. John A. Stewart, of 
New York, and the support of the 
Mohonk Conference, the project of a 
celebration took organized and def- 
inite form. Minister King in an ad- 
dress at the Harvard Commencement 
of 1909 and again at Lake Mohonk 
in 1 9 10, urged a celebration of the 

In February, 19 10, Mr. Stewart 
called a meeting in New York City of 
representatives of various business, 
religious and professional organiza- 
tions, at which a preliminary commit- 
tee was organized. This committee 
in turn called a general meeting, at 
which there was organized The Na- 
tional Committee for the Celebration 
of the One Hundredth Anniversary 
of Peace Among English-Speaking 

By invitation a committee of fif- 
teen held a conference with President 
Taft at Beverly, July 15, 1910. 
There the movement was discussed 
with the President, who heartily ap- 
proved the idea of the celebration 
and promised all the support he 
could personally and officially give. 

The Committee then invited for- 
mer President Roosevelt to take the 
Honorary Chairmanship and Mr. 
Andrew Carnegie to become Chair- 
man. Their acceptances, as well as 


those of former Vice-President Fair- 
banks of the position of Honorary 
Chairman of the Executive Commit- 
tee, and of former Vice-Presidents 
Levi P. Morton and Adlai E. Steven- 
son, Senator Elihu Root, Mr. Will- 
iam Jennings Bryan, Mr. Alton B. 
Parker, and former Ambassador 
Joseph H. Choate of positions as 
Honorary Vice-Chairmen, signalized 
the launching of the movement, and 
of the perfecting of a permanent or- 

The membership of the National 
Committee is rapidly approaching 
five thousand. No limit as to number 
of members has been fixed. 

Since the essential work of organi- 
zation was completed and a full 
corps of officers elected, the Commit- 
tee has been at work in the develop- 
ment of a definite program, which 
will be submitted to the International 
body as soon as the International 
Committee shall have been organized 
as the result of an international con- 
ference to be held either in New 
York City or in London sometime 
during the coming year. 

As to the scope of the celebration, 
it may be said that there is every 
promise and expectation that all the 
leading nations of the world will. In 
some appropriate manner, and 
through their own Initiative, take such 
action as will indicate their interest 
in and approval of the event. 

There are several reasons why the 
Committee was so thoroughly orga- 
nized far in advance of the date of 
the celebration. One was to bring 

about an amalgamation of all the 
various movements which have been 
initiated to celebrate the Peace Cen- 
tenary, and also to bring about co- 
operation in plan, and purpose, and 
agreement as to activities; to create 
a body that could act in an advisory 
as well as in a supervisory capacity; 
and in order to anticipate the legisla- 
tive approval of states, where im- 
mediate action was necessary efficient- 
ly to devise a comprehensive plan for 
1914-15; and more especially if we 
are to dedicate completed memorials. 


Suggestions have come from vari- 
ous parts of the English-speaking 
world — 

1. That a preliminary interna- 
tional Conference convene in New 
York or London during the coming 
year, with representatives from each 
English-speaking nation, or colony. 
This meeting will be a forward move- 
ment towards international good will 
and the maintenance and perpetua- 
tion of world-wide friendly relations. 

2. That the hundredth anniver- 
sary of the signing of the Treaty of 
Ghent (Dec. 24, 18 14) be celebrated 
with suitable ceremony in Ghent and 
also in the churches, schools, socie- 
ties, organizations, clubs, legislative 
bodies and Parliaments throughout 
the English-speaking world. 

3. That a ceremonial banquet be 
given in Ghent on the evening of Jan- 
uary 8, 19 1 5, in replica of the ban- 
quet given by the municipality of 
Ghent to the Joint High Commission 


on January 8, 1815, and that re- 
sponses be made to the same toasts 
that were the subjects of the ad- 
dresses on that occasion. 

4. That (the suggestion coming 
from United States Senator Elihu 
Root), the celebration formally be- 
gin on the 17th of February, the date 
of the ratification of the Ghent Trea- 
ty, and in this solemn and impressive 

For a given five minutes of a given 
hour, the proper time to be computed 
by a board of astronomers, through- 
out the English-speaking world, so 
far as practicable all the wheels of 
industry and social and business activ- 
ity shall cease. 

5. That American-English peace 
monuments be erected along the 
United States-Canadian border and 
in Ottawa, Baltimore, Toronto, Chi- 
cago, Savannah, San Francisco and 
such other locations In the English- 
speaking world as may be selected 
and approved by the cities and peo- 
ples interested. 

6. That these monuments be har- 
monious and artistic in design with 
reference to the central idea com- 
memorated, and that the dedication 
of these monuments be utilized for 
educational purposes, by memorial 
exercises in churches, schools, socie- 
ties, fraternal organizations, etc. 

7. That advantage be taken of the 
occasion to spread broadcast, through 
special publications, the inspiring ben- 
efits of a century of peace. 

8. That a memorial history be 
written under the joint authorship of 


a representative Englishman and a 
representative American, with mono- 
graphs, by experts, on special phases 
of the subject. 

9. That a new type of exhibition 
might be inaugurated in connection 
with the Panama Canal celebration at 
San Francisco, in 191 5, showing the 
progress of the arts of peace during 
the century. 

10. That there be a great mer- 
chant marine parade from Buffalo to 
Duluth and return, with celebrations 
in the border cities and towns. 

11. That through international 
co-operation a plan of boulevard, 
park and parkway creation and exten- 
sion be formulated, to include the 
erection at such focal points as the 
Niagara Frontier, the Detroit Fron- 
tier, and in other places, of great 
pemanent monuments and memorials, 
such as water gates on either side of 
the Detroit River; the building of a 
tunnel from Windsor to Detroit as 
part of an international boulevard ex- 
tension; the building of a bridge from 
Belle Isle, Detroit, to the mainland; 
the erection of bridges as a part of 
the plan of boulevard extension now 
being carried out by the State of New 
York and the Province of Ontario at 
the Niagara Frontier; the erection of 
border monuments at intervals along 
the American-Canadian frontier of 
three thousand eight hundred and 
forty miles, etc., etc. 

12. That a World Statue of Peace 
be erected in New York Harbor on a 
new artificial island southwest of 
Governor's Island, and facing the 


Statue of Liberty, so that both "Lib- 
erty and Fraternity" may welcome the 
nations and peoples "at the cross 
roads" of the world's peaceful inter- 
course, and, that the twenty million 
school children in the United States 
be the builders of this mute but elo- 
quent appeal of humanity to human- 

13. That a museum of the indus- 
trial arts be erected in New York 
City, to be dedicated to the uses of 
the people as a place of public meet- 
ing, and for the promotion of the 
peaceful arts and sciences and friend- 
ly international intercourses. 

14. That there be erected in Wash- 
ington, the capital of the United 
States, and in London, the capital of 
the British Empire, two monuments, 
identical in design and legend. 

15. That effort be made to co-or- 
dinate and correlate some of the 
highways now under construction in 
the United States and Canada and to 
cause the enactment by the Congress 
of the United States, the Parliament 
of the Dominion, and the legislatures 
of the States and Provinces, of laws 
which will permit a suitable and im- 
pressive titular designation of such 
highway or highways, so that they 
may form an international boulevard 
connecting focal points in the United 
States with focal points in Canada; 
as, for example, the boulevard now 
building by the State of New York 
between New York City and the fron- 
tier at Moore's Junction, and by the 
Province of Quebec between Quebec, 
Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and 


Windsor and the Canadian frontiers 
at Moore's Junction and at the Nia- 
gara and Detroit river frontiers. 

1 6. That there be completed the 
ninety miles of boulevards now in 
course of construction on the shores 
of the Niagara River from lake to 
lake by the State of New York and 
the Province of Ontario, and that 
these boulevards be connected by ap- 
propriate memorial bridges between 
Buffalo and Fort Erie, between Nia- 
gara Falls, New York, and Niagara 
Falls, Canada, and between Youngs- 
town, New York, and Niagara-on- 
the-Lake, Canada. 

17. That ample provision be made 
for future needs of international 
parks along the Canadian frontier in 
New England, as for example the es- 
tablishment of a park of the Fort 
Montgomery reservation on Lake 
Champlain, at the Thousand Islands, 
Niagara Falls and the Niagara fron- 
tier, Detroit, Sault Ste Marie, and 
Westward to Vancouver Island. 

18. That a comprehensive plan be 
prepared by an international and by 
local committees of engineers, archi- 
tects, sculptors and landscape artists 
of renown, outlining a definite scheme 
for the present and anticipating the 
future, as a beginning of an era of 
artistic development and embellish- 
ment of the Canadian frontier, and 
such other points as may consistently 
be associated with this centennial pro- 
ject and which shall harmonize with 
the general plan to provide the foun- 
dation for centuries of development 
as an expression of progressive civ- 


19- That the celebration conclude 
with International Congresses, open- 
ing in New York and ending at the 
Panama Exposition in San Francisco 
in 1915, concentrating the peace sen- 
timent of the world upon the specific 
accomplishments desired through the 
Third Hague Peace Conference, 
which will probably be in session at 
that time, and with general reference 
to the peace, prosperity and welfare 
of the peoples of the world. 

20. That there be suitable pagean- 
try celebrations in connection with 
the International local celebrations. 

21. That there be a general day of 
thanksgiving in celebration at the cap- 
itals of all of the American states, 
and of the Provinces of Canada and 
other component parts of the nations 
of the British Empire. 

22. That a monument be erected 
on the battlefield of New Orleans, on 
the site of the house where General 
Packingham died, in memory of the 
dead of the British and American 
armies, and dedicated to the hope and 
belief that it is erected on the site of 
the last battle between armies of 
English-speaking origin. 

23. That there be issues of me- 
morial postage, coinage and medals. 

24. That a memorial arch be built 
to span the international New York 
to Montreal Highway at the Ameri- 
can-Canadian frontier. 

Finally, it should be kept in mind 
that, while war celebrations have 
been spectacular in history, this cele- 
bration will emphasize the victories of 
peace through the spiritual, intellec- 


tual, Industrial, political and econo- 
mic triumphs of a marvelous century 
of development and progress. 

This celebration is a people's 
movement; its purpose is popular, its 
aims, to benefit humanity. Underly- 
ing it is the motive to establish a 
wider personal acquaintance among 
English-speaking peoples and the peo- 
ples of the whole world, to afford the 
better opportunity to gain one an- 
other's point of view, in order that 
all of us may the more easily avoid 
those little offences which, aggravated 
by prejudice, grow into serious Inter- 
national misunderstanding. 

Roll of Members 

Honorary Vice-Chairmen-at- 

Aldrich, Chester H., Governor. .Lincoln, Neb. 
Anderson, Larz, American Minister, 

Brussels, Belgium 
Ansel, Martin F., former Governor, 

Columbia, S. C. 
Bachelder, Nahum J., former Governor, 

Concord, N. H. 
Bacon, Robert, former American 

Ambassador to France. .. Boston, Mass. 
Baldwin, Simeon E., Governor, 

Hartford, Conn. 
BalHnger, Richard A., former Secretary 

of the Interior Seattle, Wash. 

Bass, Robert P., Governor Concord, N. H. 

Blease, Cole L., Governor Columbia, S. C. 

Bonaparte, Charles J., former 

Attorney-General Baltimore, Md. 

Boutell, Henry S., American Minister, 

Berne, Switzerland 
Brady, Charles H., former Governor, 

Boise, Idaho 

Brewer, Earl, Governor Jackson, Miss. 

Brown, Joseph M., Governor Atlanta, Ga. 

Bryan, Charles Page, American 

Ambassador Tokio, Japan 

Bryan, William Jennings i^incoln. Neb. 

Burke, John, Governor Bismarck, N. D. 

Burton, Theodore E., United States 

Senator Cleveland, O. 

Carey, Joseph M., Governor. .Cheyenne, Wyo. 
Carpenter, Fred W., American Minister, 

Tangier, Morocco 
Carroll, Beryl F., Governor, 

Des Moines, Iowa 
Carter, John R., former American Minister 

to Argentina Baltimore, Md. 

Choate, Joseph H New York 

Clark, Walter E., Governor Juneau, Alaska 

Colquitt, O. B., Governor Austin, Texas 

Colton, George R., Governor-General. 

San Juan, Porto Rico 
Crothers, Austin L., former Governor, 

Annapolis, Md. 

Cruce, Lee, Governor Guthrie, Okla. 

Davidson, James O., former Governor, 

Soldiers' Grove, Wise. 
Dawson, Thomas C, former American 

Minister to Panama. .Washington, D. C. 
Day. William R., Associate Justice of 

the Supreme Court.. .Washington, D. C. 


Deneen, Charles S., Governor. .Springfield, 111. 

Dix, John A., Governor Albany, N. Y. 

Donaghey, George W., Governor, 

Little Rock, Ark. 
Douglas, William L., former Governor, 

Brockton, Mass. 
Draper, Eben S., former Governor, 

Boston, Mass. 
Eberhart, Adolph O., Governor, 

St. Paul, Minn. 
Egan, Maurice Francis, American 

Minister, Copenhagen, Denmark 
Fairbanks, Charles W., former 

Vice-President Indianapolis, Ind. 

Fairchild, Charles S., former Secretary 

of the Treasury New York 

Forbes, W. Cameron, Governor-General, 

Manila, Philippine Islands 
Fort, John Franklin, former Governor, 

Orange, N. J 

Foss, Eugene N., Governor Boston, Mass 

Foster, John W., former Secretary of 

State Washington, D. C 

Fox, William C, former American Minister 

to Ecuador Washington, D. C 

Frear, Walter F., Governor, 

Honolulu, Hawaii 
Furniss, Henry W., American Minister, 

Port au Prince, Haiti 
Gage, Lyman J., former Secretary of the 

Treasury Point Loma, Cal. 

Garfield, James R., former Secretary 

of the Interior Cleveland, O. 

Gary, James A., former Postmaster- 
General Baltimore, Md. 

Gaynor, William J., Mayor New York 

Gibbons, James Cardinal Baltimore, Md. 

Gilchrist, Albert W., Governor, 

Tallahassee, Fla. 
Gillett, James N., former Governor. 

San Francisco, Cal. 
Glasscock, William E., Governor, 

Charleston, W. Va. 
Goldsborough, Phillips L., Governor, 

Annapolis, Md. 
Graves, Charles H., American Minister, 

Stockholm, Sweden 
Griggs, John W., former Attorney-General, 

Paterson, N. J. 
Guild, Curtis, American Ambassador, 

St. Petersburg, Russia 
Hadley, Herbert S., Governor, 

Jefferson City, Mo. 

Harmon, Judson, Governor Columbus, O. 

Haskell, Charles N., former Gov rnor, 

Guthrie, Okla. 
Hawley, James H., Governor. .,. .Boise, Idaho 

Hay, M. E., Governor Olympia, Wash. 

Hilles, Charles D., Secretary to the 

President Washington, D. C. 

Hitt, R. S. Reynolds, American Minister, 

Guatemala, Guatemala 

Hooper, Ben W., Governor. . .Nashville, Tenn. 
Hunt, George W. P., Governor, 

Phoenix, Ariz. 
Ide, Henry Clay, American Minister, 

Madrid, Spain 
Jackson, John B., American Minister, 

Bucharest, Roumania 
Johnson, Hiram W., Governor, 

Sacramento, Gal. 
Kerens, Richard C., American /embassador, 

Vienna, Austria 
King, Hamilton, American Minister, 

Bangkok, Siam 
Kitchin, William W., Governor, 

Raleigh, N. C. 
Leishman, John G. A., American Ambassador, 

Berlin Germany 
Lurton, Horace Harmon, Associate Justice 

of the Supreme Court. Washington, D. C. 
MacVeagh, Franklin, Secretary of the 

Treasury Washington, D. C. 

Mann, William Hodges, Governor, 

Richmond, Virginia 
Marshall, Thomas R., Governor, 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
McCreary, James B., Governor, 

Frankfort, Ky. 
McCicery, Fenton R., former American 

Minister to Honduras Flint, Mich. 

McDonald, William C, Governor, 

Santa Fe, N. M. 
McGovern, Francis E., Governor, 

Madison, Wise. 

Mead, John A., Governor Montpelier, Vt. 

Metcalf, Victor H., former Secretary 

of the Navy Oakland, Cal. 

Meyer, George von Lengerke, Secretary 

of the Navy Washington, D. C. 

Mills, William J., former Governor, 

Santa Fe, N. M. 
Morton, Levi P., former Vice-President, 

New York 
Moses, George H., American Minister, 

Athens, Greece 
Nagel, Charles, Secretary of Commerce 

and Labor Washington, D. C. 

Newberry, Truman H., former Secretary 

of the Navy Detroit, Mich. 

Noel, Edmund F., former Governor, 

Lexington, Miss. 
Norris, Edwin L., Governor. . .Helena, Mont. 
O'Brien, Thomas J., American 

Ambassador Rome, Italy 

Oddie, Tasker L., Governor, 

Carson City, Nev. 
Odell, Benjamin B., Jr., former Governor, 

Newburgh, N. Y. 
O'Neal, Emmett, Governor, 

Montgomery, Ala. 
Osborn, Chase S., Governor — Lansing, Mich. 
Parker, Alton B., former Chief Justice of 

Court of Appeals New York 


Patterson, Malcom R., former Governor, 

Memphis, Tenn. 
Pennewill, Simeon S., Governor. . .Dover, Del. 
Plaisted, Frederick W., Governor, 

Augusta, Me. 
Pothier, Aram J., Governor, 

Providence, R. I. 
Prouty, George H., former Governor, 

Newport, Vt. 
Quinby, Henry B., former Governor, 

Concord, N. H. 
Reid, Whitelaw, American Ambassador, 

London, England 
Rockhill, William Woodville, American 

Ambassador, Constantinople, Turkey 
Root, Elihu, United States Senator, 

New York 
Sanders, Jared Y., Governor, 

Baton Rouge, La. 

bhafroth, John F., Governor Denver,Col. 

Shaw, Leslie M., former Secretary of the 

Treasury Philadelphia, Pa. 

Sloan, Richard E., Governor, 

Phoenix, Arizona 
Smith, Hoke, United States Senator, 

Atlanta, Ga. 
Spry, William, Governor, 

Salt Lake City, Utah 
Stevenson, Adlai E., former Vice-President, 

Bloomington, 111. 
Stimson, Henry L., Secretary of War, 

Washington, D. C. 
Straus, Oscar S., former Secretary of 

Commerce and Labor New York 

Stubbs, Walter R., Governor Topeka, Kan. 

Swenson, Laurits S., American Minister, 

Christiania, Norway 

Tener, John K., Governor Harrisburg, Pa. 

Tracy, Benjamin F., former Secretary 

of the Navy New York 

Vessey, Robert S., Governor Pierre, S. D. 

Wanamaker, John, former Postmaster- 
General Philadelphia, Pa. 

Weeks, Frank B., former Governor, 

Hartford, Conn. 

West, Oswald, Governor Salem, Ore. 

White, Horace, former Governor, 

Syracuse, N. Y. 
Wickersham, George W., Attorney-General, 

Washington, D. C. 
Willson, Augustus E., former Governor, 

Louisville, Ky. 

Wilson, General James Grant New York 

Wilson, Henry Lane, American Ambassador, 

Mexico City, Mexico 
Wilson, James, Secretary of Agriculture, 

Washington, D. C. 

Wilson, Woodrow, Governor Trenton, N. J. 

Wynne, Robert J., former Postmaster- 
General Washington, D. C. 


Honorary Associate Membership 

In intended compliment the American Com- 
mittee has invited a few members of com- 
mittees of the British Empire to becorne Hon- 
orary Associate Members of the American or- 
ganization. This invitation has also been ex- 
tended to the Ambassadors and Ministers of 
foreign governments stationed in Washington 
as a courtesy in earnest of world wide good 
will. The names of those who have so far 
accepted this invitation: 
Rt. Hon. James Bryce, O.M., the British 

Mr. J. J. Jusserand, the French Ambassador 
His Excellency, The Right Honourable, the 
Count Albert Apponyi, M.P., ex- 
Speaker of the House of the Parliament, 
Privi Councillor to His Majesty Francis 
Joseph I, Budapest, Austria-Hungary. 
Senor Don Gilberto Crespo y Martinez, the 

Mexican Ambassador 
Mr. D. da Gama, the Brazilian Ambassador. 
Mr. H. H. Bryn, the Minister from Norway 
Dr. Paul Ritter, the Minister from Switzerland 
Mr. J. Loudon, the Minister from The Neth- 
Senor Don Ignacio Calderon, the Minister 

from Bolivia 
Senor Don Eduardo Suarez-Mujica, the Min- 
ister from Chili 
Senor Don Joaquin Bernardo Calvo, the Min- 
ister from Costa Rica 
Mr. Solon Menos, the Minister from Haiti 
Mr. Salvador Castrillo, Jr., the Minister from 

Senor Don P. Ezequiel Rojas, the Minister 

from Venezuela 
Mr. L. L. Caftanzoglu, LL.D., Charge 

d'Affairs of the Royal Greek Legation 
Mirza Ali Kuli Khan, Charge d'Affairs of the 
Persian Legation 

Great Britain 

His Excellency, The Right Honourable the 

Earl of Aberdeen, G.M.P., K.T., P.C, 

G.C.M.G., G.C.V.O. 
His Grace, the Duke of Argyll, K.G., K.T., 

P.C, G.C.M.G., G.C.V.O., V.D. 
The Right Honourable Lord Avebury, P.C. 
The Right Honourable Arthur J. Balfour, 

Sir Thomas Barlow, K.C.V.O., F.R.S., 

M.D., LL.D., B.Sc, F.R.C.P. 
Sir John Wolfe-Barry, K.C.B. 
Sir William James Bell, M.A., LL.D., J.P., 



H.B.M. Consul General Courtenay Walter 

Bennett, CLE. 
Admiral, The Right Honourable Lord Charles 

Beresford, K.C.B., G.C.V.O. 
General William Booth. 
The Right Honourable the Earl Brassey, 

G.C.B., K.C.B., D.L., J.P. 
Mr. Harry E. Brittain, M.A. 
Right Honourable James Bryce, O.M. 
The Right Honourable Lord Burnham, 

Right Honourable Thomas Burt, M.P. 
Mr. George Cadbury, J.P. 
Rev. John A. Clifford, D.D. 
Sir Henry J. S. Cotton, K.C.S.L 
The Right Honourable Lord Courtney. 
Sir Frederic Hyman Cowen. 
The Right Honourable the Earl Cromer, P.C, 

G.C.B., O.M., G.C.M.G., K.C.S.L, CLE. 
The Right Honourable the Earl Curzon of 

Kedleston, P.C, G.CS.L, G.C.I.E. 
The Right Honourable the Earl of Desart, 

The Right Honourable Lord Desborough, 

The Right Honourable Lord Devonport, P.C. 
Mr. Robert Donald. 
The Right Honourable Sir H. Mortimer Dur- 

and, G.C.M.G. 
Admiral of the Fleet, The Right Honourable 

Lord Fisher, G.CB., O.M. 
Sir George Frampton, R.A., LL.D., F.S.A., 

Surgeon-General Sir Benjamin Franklin, 

The Right Honourable Sir Edward Fry, 

The Right Honourable Lord Furness. 
Mr. John Galsworthy. 
Sir Henry Rider Haggard, J.P. 
The Right Honourable, The Earl of Hals- 
bury, P.C 
Mr. Frederick Harrison, M.A. 
Sir Sidney Lee. 

Sir Thomas Johnstone Lipton, K.C.V.O. 
The Right Honourable Sir Thomas Boor 

Crosby, M.D., Lord Mayor of London. 
The Right Honourable the Earl of Lonsdale. 
The Right Honourable Sir C M. Macdonald, 

K.CB., G.C.M.G., K.C.M.G., G.C.V.O. 
Right Honourable Sir William Mather, P.C, 

J.P., LL.D. 
Mr. Felix Moscheles. 
The Right Honourable Lord Mount-Stephen, 

G.C.V.O., D.L. 
Right Honourable Sir Francis Mowatt, 

G.CB., K.C.B., P.C, LS.O. 
The Right Honourable Lord Northcliffe. 
The Right Honourable Lord Rayleigh, P.C, 



The Right Honourable Lord Reay, P.C, 
K.T., G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E 

The Right Honourable The Earl Roberts of 
Kandahar, P.C, K.G., K.P, G.C.B, O.M., 
G.L.S.I., G.C.I.E, V.C., V.D. 

The Right Honourable Lord Rothschild, P.C., 

Right Honourable Sir Ernest M. Satow, 
G.C.M.G., K.C.M.G., D.C.L. 

The Venerable Archdeacon William M. Sin- 
clair, D.D. 

Right Honourable Sir Edgar Speyer, P.C. 

iir Joseph John Thomson, F.R.S., F.R.S.E., 

Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree. 

The Right Honourable Lord Weardale. 

The Right Honourable Lord Welby, G.C.B. 

The Most Reverend His Grace the Lord Arch- 
bishop of York. 


The Right Honourable Robert Laird Borden. 
D.C.L., K.C., M.P., The Premier of Can- 

Professor Frank Dawson Adams, Ph.D., D.Sc, 
F.G.S.A., F.R.S. 

The Honourable Francis Alexander Anglin, 

Professor Alfred Baker, M.A., F.R.S. 

The Honourable N. A. Belcourt, LL.D., K.C. 

Mr. Robert Bell, LS.O., M.D., D.Sc, F.R.S. 

The Honourable Treffie Berthiaume. 

Mr. Charles James Stewart Bethune, B.A., 
M.A., D.C.L. 

Lieutenant-Colonel, The Honourable Sir Fred- 
erick William Borden, K.C.M.G., P.C, 
B.A., M.D., M.P. 

Mr. George Morris Bosworth. 

The Honourable Sir Mackenzie Bowell, 
K.C.M.G., P.C 

The Honourable Byron MofTatt Britton, M.A., 

The Right Reverend Mgr. Paul Bruchesi, 
Archbishop of Montreal. 

The Reverend George Bryce, M.A., D.D., 
LL.D., F.R.S.C. 

Lieutenant-Colonel Jeffrey Hale Burland, 
B.A.Sc, F.C.S. 

Mr. Bliss Carman, B.A. 

The Right Honourable Sir Richard John Cart- 
wright, P.C, G.C.M.G., K.C.M.G. 

Lieutenant-Colonel, The Honourable Joseph P. 
B. Casgrain. 

The Honourable Walter Gibson Pringle Cas- 
sels, B.A., K.C. 

The Honourable Charles F. X. Alexander 
Chauveau, LL.D., K.C. 

The Honourable Philippe Auguste Choquette, 
LL.D., K.C 

The Honourable Sir William Mortimer Clark, 
Kt., W.S., K.C, LL.D. 


Sir Edward Clouston, Bart. 

The Honourable James Craig, K.C. 

The Honourable Thomas Crawford. 

The Honourable Charles Wilson Cross, B.A., 

The Honourable Thomas Wilson Crothers, 

B.A., K.C., M.P. 
The Honourable Raoul Dandurand, P.C, 

LL.D., K.C. 
The Honourable Sir Louis Henry Davies, 

K.C, K.C.M.G. 
The Honourable Thomas Osborne Davis 
The Honourable Leverett George DeVeber, 

The Honourable James Moflfat Douglas. 
The Right Reverend Andrew Hunter Dunn, 

M. A., Lord Bishop of Quebec. 
Professor Robert Alexander Falconer, B.A., 

M.A., B.D., D.Litt, D.D., LL.D. 
The Honourable William Stevens Fielding, 

D.C.L., LL.D., P.C. 
The Honourable Sydney Arthur Fisher, B.A., 

The Right Honourable Sir Charles Fitzpat- 

rick, B.A., D.L., P.C, K.C.M.C 
Sir Sandford Fleming, K.C.M.G., LL.D., 

Lieutenant-Colonel, The Honourable Ro- 

dolphe Forget, M.P. 
The Honourable William James Gage. 
The Reverend Charles William Gordon, LL.D., 

The Very Reverend Daniel Miner Gordon, 

M.A., B.D., D.D., LL.D. 
The Honourable Sir Lomer Gouin, B.C.L. 
Sir James Alexander Grant, M.D., K.C.M.G. 
The Honourable F. B. Gregory. 
Mr. Wilfred Thomason Grenfell, C.M.G., M.D., 

M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. 
James John Edmund Guerin, M.D. 
Mr. Hans Theodor Gussow, F.R.M.S. 
The Most Reverend His Grace the Lord Arch- 
bishop and Metropolitan of Ottawa, 

Charles Hamilton, D.D., D.C.L. 
Colonel Samuel Hughes, M.P. 
The Honourable Sir Louis Amable Jette, 

K.C, K.C.M.G., LL.D. 
The Honourable William Lyon Mackenzie 

King, C.M.G., M.P., M.A., Ph.D., LL.B., 

Rear-Admiral Charles Edmund Kingsmill. 
Sir Alexander Lacoste, LL.D., D.C.L., K.C, 

Sir Francois Xavier Langelier, Kt., B.C.L., 

The Honourable Rodolphe Lemieux, K.C., 

LL.D., F.R.S.C. 
The Honourable James Pitt Mabee, K.C. 
The Honourable Charles Daniel Macaulay. 
Brigadier-General Donald Alexander Macdon- 
ald, LS.O., C.M.G. 


The Honourable William John Macdonald. 

Sir Donald Mann. 

The Honourable Charles Marcil. 

The Honourable James Drummond Mc- 

The Honourable Sir William Ralph Meredith, 
LL.D., K.B. 

The Honourable Charles Murphy, P.C, M.P. 

The Honourable Simon Napoleon Parent, 
LL.D., D.C.L., K.C. 

The Honourable Louis Philippe Pelletier, 
B.A.,LL.L., LL.D. 

Professor William Peterson, M.A., LL.D., 

Mr. Edward Ernest Prince, LL.D., F.R.S.C. 

The Honourable William Renwick Riddell, 
B.A., B.Sc, LL.B., F.B.S. 

The Honourable Robert Rogers. 

The Honourable Alexander Cameron Ruther- 
ford, B.A., B.C.L., LL.D., M.L.A. 

Miss Margaret Marshall Saunders. 

The Honourable Clifton Sifton, B.A., P.C, 

His Excellency Most Reverend Pellegrino 
Francesco Stagni, O.S.M., D.D., Apostolic 

The Honourable Sir Melbourne McTaggart 
Tait, Kt., D.C.L. 

The Honourable Adelard Turgeon, C.M.G., 
C.V.O., B.C.L. 

The Honourable Sir Robert Linton Weather- 
bee, Kt. 

The Honourable William T. White. 


Mr. Harry J. Crowe. 


British Committee for Celebrating 
the One Hundredth Anniversary 
of Peace Among English- 
Speaking Peoples 

(189-190 Central Buildings, Westminster, 

President — The Rt. Hon Earl Grey, G. C. 

M. G., G. C. V. O. 
Secretary — H. S. Perris, M. A. 
Chairman Executive Committee — Lord Shaw. 
Treasurer — Lord Cowdray. 
Honorary Treasurers — Lord Rothschild and 

Lord Revelstoke. 
Honorary Solicitors — Messrs. Coward & 

Hawksley Sons & Chance. 
Honorary Auditors — Messrs. Deloitte, Plend- 

er, Griffiths & Co. 

Rt. Hon. Bonar Law 
Sir Oliver Lodge 
Mr. Ramsay MacDonald, M.P., (Chairman of 

Labour Party) 
The Bishop of Hereford 

Professor Dowden (Trinity College, Dublin) 
Sir Henry E. Roscoe 
Lord Rayleigh 
The Lord Mayor of Bristol 
Rev. Dr. Wells, Moderator of the United Free 

Church of Scotland 
Rev. J. Estlin Carpenter (Unitarian) 
The Bishop of Birmingham 
Rt. Hon. R. McKenna, Secretary of State for 

Home Dept. 
Rev. Pearson McAdam Muir, Moderator of 

the Church of Scotland 
Rt. Hon Sydney Buxton, President of the 

Board of Trade 
Rt. Hon. J. Pease, President of the Board 

of Education 
Sir G. H. Hoolden 

Master of Elibank, Chief Government Whip 
Lord Mount Stephen 
Sir W. B. Richmond 
Sir Philip Magnus, M.P. 
Marquess of Lincolnshire 
Sir G. O. Trevelyan 
President of the Baptist Union of Gt. Britain 

and Ireland 
Rt. Hon. L. Harcourt, Secretary of State for 

the Colonies 
Archbishop of Westminster 
Dean of Durham 
Rev. J. Clifford, D.D. 
Sir Edward Fry 


Earl of Cromer 

Rt. Hon. T. McKinnon Wood, Secretary for 

President of the Wesleyan Conference 

Sir E. Ray Lankester 

Rt. Hon. W. Runciman, President of the 
Board of Agriculture 

Lord Tennyson 

Bishop of Lincoln 

Rev. Stopford Brooke 

Sir W. R. Anson 

Sir James D. Linton, President of the Royal 
Institute of Painters in Water Colours 

Sir Aston Webb, R.A. 

Sir A. Geikie, President of the Royal Society 

Lord Rosebery 

The Chairman, The Stock Exchange 

Lord Reay 

Sir Norman Lockyer 

Sir Thomas Barlow 

Viscount Midleton 

Earl Curzon of Kedleston 

Walter Crane 

Sir Edward Elgar, O.M., Mus. Doc. 

Principal Reichel, Vice-Chancellor of the Uni- 
versity of Wales 

C. E. Hobhouse, Chancellor of the Duchy 

Lord Mayor of Bradford 

Lord Mayor of Birmingham 

Lord Furness 

Sir Frank Lascelles 

The Bishop of Winchester 

Mr. Gerard N. Ford 

Provisional Executive Committee 

Lord Shaw, of Dunfermline, Chairman 

The Hon. Neil Primrose, M.P. 

Captain the Hon. Arthur C. Murray, M.P. 

Mr. W. G. C. Gladstone, M.P. 

Mr, E. Crawshay-Williams, M.P. 

Mr. J. L. Baird, M.P. 

Sir Clement Hill, K.C.M.G., M.P. 

Sir Gilbert Parker, M.P. 

The Earl of Ronaldshay, M.P. 

Lord Abinger 

Mr. J. Allen Baker, M.P. 

Lord Balfour of Burleigh 

Mr. A. Shirley Benn, M.P. 

Mr. A. A. Booth (Chairman, Cunard Line) 

Mr. Harry E. Brittain 

Mr. Sidney Brooks 

Mr. H. W. Carr-Gomm, M.P. 

Sir William J. Collins (Vice-Chancellor, Lon- 
don University) 

Mr. Robert Donald 

Lord Dunmore 

Mr. Gordon Harvey, M.P. (Chairman Na- 
tional Peace Council) 

Mr. Walter Hazell (Chairman Peace Society) 

Sir Charles S. Henry, Bt., M.P. 

Rev. Silvester Home, M.P. 


Lord Howick 

Lord Kinnaird 

Mr. Arthur Lee, M.P. 

The Bishop of London 

Mr. Ramsay Macdonald, M.P. 

Sir Philip Magnus, M.P. 

Lord Marchamley 

Sir William Mather 

Mr. Almeric Paget, M.P. 

Sir George Riddell 

Mr. Arnold Rowntree, M.P. 

Sir Douglas Straight 

Sir T. Vezey Strong 

Sir George Wyatt Truscott, Bt. 

Lord Weardale 

Colonel Robert Williams, M.P. 

Dean of Worcester 

Among the members of the British Com- 
mittee are: 

W. A. Appleton, Secretary General Fed- 
eration of Trade Unions 

Lord Avebury 

Rt. Hon. A. J. Balfour 

Lord Charles Beresford 

Bishop of London 

Rt. Hon. Lord Brassey 

Harry E. Brittain, founder Pilgrim So- 

Archbishop of Canterbury 

Rt. Hon. Austin Chamberlain 

Sir John Cockburn 

Robert Donald, Editor Daily Chronicle 

Sir A. Conan Doyle 

Lord Furness 

Rt. Hon. Lewis Harcourt, M. P. 

Anthony Hope Hawkins 

Lord Mayor of Dublin 

Lord Mayor of London 

Dr. Henry A. Myers, Principal London 

Lord Northcliffe 

Sir Arthur Pinero 

Earl Roberts 

Hon. Lyon L. deRothschild 

Sir Ernest Shackleton 

Sir Richard Solomon, High Commis- 
sioner for Union of South Africa 

Lord Tennyson, First Governor of Aus- 
tralian Commonwealth 

Rt. Hon. T. McKinnon Wood, Secre- 
tary for Scotland 

Israel Zangwill 

Canadian and Other Committees 

Canadian Committee, Ottawa, now organiz- 
nig under the auspices of Hon. George Halsev 
Perley, M. P. 

Committees are in process of organization in 
New Zealand, Australia, the Union of South 
Africa, and elsewhere throughout the English- 
speaking world. 


Honorary Members-at-Large 

Aiken, Wyatt, Abbeville, S. C. 
Akin, Theron, Akin, N. Y. 
Allen, Alfred G., Cincinnati, O. 
Ames, Butler, Lowell, Mass. 
Anderson, Carl C, Fostoria, O. 
Anderson, Sydney, Lanesboro, Minn. 
Ansberry, Timothy T., Defiance, O. 
Ayres, Steven B., New York. 
Baker, Newton D., Cleveland, O. 
Bankhead, John H., Jasper, Ala. 
Barchfeld, Andrew J., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Bingham, Henry H., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Blackmon, Fred L., Anniston, Ala. 
Blankenburg, Rudolph, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Bowman, Charles C, Pittston, Pa. 
Bradley, Thomas W., Walden, N. Y. 
Brantley, William G., Brunswick, Ga. 
Briggs, Frank O., Trenton, N. J. 
Brown, Norris, Kearney, Neb. 
Burke, Thomas, Seattle, Wash. 
Burnham, Henry E., Manchester, N. H. 
Burns, Cornelius F., Troy, N. Y. 
Butler, Thomas S., West Chester, Pa. 
Calder, William M., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Campbell, Philip B., Pittsburgh, Kan. 
Gary, William J., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Chamberlain, George E., Portland, Ore. 
Clapp, Moses E., St. Paul, Minn. 
Clayton, Henry D., Eufaula, Ala. 
Copley, Ira C, Aurora, 111. 
Crago, Thomas S., Waynesburg, Pa. 
Crane, William Murray, Dalton, Mass. 
Crump, Edward H., Memphis, Tenn. 
Crumpacker, Edgar D., Valparaiso, Ind. 
Cummins, Albert B., Des Moines, Iowa. 
Davidson, James H., Oshkosh, Wis. 
Davis, John W., Clarksburg, W. Va. 
Dilling, George W., Seattle, Wash. 
Dixon, Joseph M., Missoula, Mont. 
Driscoll, Michael E., Syracuse, N. Y. 
Dupre, H. Garland, New Orleans, La. 
Dwight, John W., Dryden, N. Y. 
Edwards, Charles G., Savannah, Ga. 
Evans, Lynden, Chicago, 111. 
Fitzgerald, John F., Boston, Mass. 
Fletcher, Duncan U., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Flood, Henry D., Appomattox, Va. 
Fornes, Charles V., New York. 
Foss, George Edmond, Chicago, 111. 
Fowler, H. Robert, Elizabethtown, 111. 
French, Burton L., Moscow, Idaho. 
Fuhrmann, Louis P., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Fuller, Charles E., Belvidere, 111. 
Gamble, Robert J., Yankton, S. D. 
Gillett, Frederick H., Springfield, Mass. 
Goodwin, William S., Warren, Ark. 
Gore, Thomas P., Lawton, Okla. 
Cray, Finly H., Connersville, Ind. 


Griest, William W., Lancaster, Pa. 
Guernsey, Frank E., Dover, Me. 
Harrison, Carter H., Chicago, 111. 
Harrison, Francis Burton, New York. 
Hayes, Everis A., San Jose, Cal. 
Head, William O., Louisville, Ky. 
Heald, William H., Wilmington, Del. 
Heyburn, Weldon B., Wallace, Idaho. 
Hobson, Richmond Pearson, Greensboro, Ala. 
Howard, William Schley, Decatur, Ga. 
Howland, Paul, Cleveland, O. 
Humphrey, William E., Seattle, Wash. 
Kern, John W., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Kindred, John J., Long Island City, N. Y. 
Kinkaid, Moses P., O'Neill, Neb. 
Knowland, Joseph R., Alameda, Cal. 
Kopp, Arthur W., Platteville, Wis. 
LaFollette, Robert M., Madison, Wis. 
Lenroot, Irvine L., Superior, Wis. 
Levy, Jefferson M., New York. 
Lippitt, Henry F., Providence, R. I. 
Littlepage, Adam B., Charlestown, W. Va. 
Littleton, Martin W., New York. 
Lloyd, James T., Shelbyville, Mo. 
Lodge, Henry Cabot, Nahant, Mass. 
Longworth, Nicholas, Cincinnati, O. 
Madden, Martin B., Chicago, 111. 
Martin, Eben W., Deadwood, S. D. 
McCumber, Porter J., Wahpeton, N. D. 
McKinley, William B., Champaign, 111. 
McLean, George P., Simsbury, Conn. 
Moore, J. Hampton, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Morgan, Dick T., Woodward, Okla. 
Mott Luther W., Oswego, N. Y. 
Oliver, George T., Pittsburg, Pa. 
Olmsted, Marlin E., Harrisburg, Pa. 
Palmer, A. Mitchell, Stroudsburg, Pa. 
Patten, Thomas G., New York 
Penrose, Boies, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Pepper, Irvin S., Muscatine, Iowa. 
Peters, Andrew J., Boston, Mass. 
Pickett, Charles E., Waterloo, Iowa. 
Poindexter, Miles, Spokane, Wash. 
Raker, John E., Alturas, Cal. 
Ransdell, Joseph E., Lake Providence, La. 
Redfield, William C, New York. 
Reyburn, William Stuart, Phiadelphia, Pa. 
Rice, Frank J., New Haven, Conn. 
Rice, Horace B., Houston, Tex. 
Richardson William, Huntsville, Ala. 
Rothermel, John H., Reading, Pa. 
Russell, Joseph J., Charleston, Mo. 
Seidel, Emil, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Sharp, William G., Elyria, Ohio. 
Sherley, Swager, Louisville, Ky. 
Simmons, James S., Niagara Falls, N. Y. 
Slayden, James L., San Antonio, Tex. 
Small, John H., Washington, N. C. 
Sulzer, William, New York. 
Talcott, Charles A., Utica, N. Y. 
Whitlock, Brand, Toledo, Ohio. 
Works, John D.. Los Angeles, Cal. 


Honorary Members 

(Appointed by Governors as State Com- 
mittees; number to be augmented with 
change of Gubernatorial Administration.) 

These Committees will represent National 
Committee in all State matters. 

Edmonds, Rev. Henry M., Montgomery. 
Evans, Dr. W. E., Birmingham. 
Screws, William Wallace, Montgomery. 
Stevens, Thomas M., Mobile. 
Walker, Judge Richard W., Huntsville. 


Distin, William L., Juneau. 
Joslin, Falcon, Fairbanks. 
Lyons, Thomas R., Juneau. 
Murane, Cornelius D., Nome. 
Ostrander, John Y., Cordova. 


Egan, Mark J., Clifton. 
Herring, William, Tucson. 
Kent, Edward, Phoenix. 
Riordan, Michael J., Flagstaff. 
Wells, Edwin W., Prescott. 


Adams, Elva B., Pueblo. 
Bucklin, James, Grand Junction. 
King, Judge Alfred R., Delta. 
Thomas, Charles S., Denver. 
White, Judge S. Harrison, Denver. 


Adler, Max, New Haven. 

Call, Arthur D., Hartford. 

Curtis, George M., Meriden. 

Kimball, Arthur R., Waterbury. 

Luther, Dr. Flavel S., Hartford. 

Pinney, Edwin C, Stafford. 

Rogers, Dean Henry Wade, New Haven. 

Shanklin, Dr. William A., Middletown. 

Conrad, Henry C, Georgetown. 
Gray, George, Wilmington. 
Harter, Dr. George A., Newark. 
Marshall, Dr. George W., Milford. 
Marvel, Josiah, Wilmington. 


Harris, Hunt, Key West. 

Jennings, William Sherman, Jacksonville. 

Myers, Fred T., Tallahassee. 

Reilly, Frank, Pensacola. 

Savarese, John, Tampa. 


Hammond, Judge William R., Atlanta. 
Lamdin, William W., Wavcross. 
McCord, Henry Y., Atlanta. 
Mcintosh, Henry M., Albany. 
McKinney, Robert L., Macon. 

Ailshie, Judge James F., Boise. 
Barker, George R., Sandpoint. 
Dietrich, Judge Frank S., Boise. 
Hyde, W. A., Pocatello. 
McCutcheon, Mrs. Otto E., Idaho Falls. 


Addams, Miss Jane, Chicago. 
Forgan, James B., Chicago. 
Judson, Dr. Harry P., Chicago. 
Keeley, James, Chicago. 
Reynolds, George M., Chicago. 


Ade, George, Brook. 

Fairbanks, Charles Warren, Indianapolis. 

Gray, Finley H., Connersville. 

Kern, John W., Indianapolis. 

Riley, James Whitcomb, Indianapolis. 

Berryhill, Mrs. James G., Des Moines. 
Cole, Cyrenus, Cedar Rapids. 
Perkins, George B., Sioux City. 
Tinley, Emmet, Council Bluffs. 
Waite, J. L., Burlington. 


Gray, John, Kirwin. 
Hopkins, Richard J., Garden City. 
Marble, George, Ft. Scott. 
Nicholson, John C, Newton. 
Sticher, Henry C, Osage City. 

Buckner, Simon Bolivar, Mumfordvilie. 
Cowan, Andrew, Louisville. 
Shelby, John T., Lexington. 
Speed, James B., Louisville. 
McCreery, James B., Richmond. 


Barret, Thomas C, Shreveport. 
Farrnbacher, Solon, Baton Rouge. 
Hart, William O., New Orleans. 
Moss, Paul O., Lake Charles. 
Polk, William, Alexandria. 

Boothby, Mrs. Frederic E., Portland. 
Chase, Dr. George C, Lewiston. 
Grossman, George L., Saco. 


Roberts, Dr. Arthur J., Waterville. 
Walz, Prof. William E., Orono. 

Capen, Samuel B., Boston. 
Ginn, Edwin, Boston. 
Martin, George H., Lynn. 
Paine, Robert Treat, Boston. 
Walker, Joseph, Brookline. 


Angell, James B., Ann Arbor. 
Moore, Joseph B., Lansing. 
Palmer, Thomas W., Detroit. 
Schrembs, Rev. Joseph, Grand Rapids. 
Townsend, Charles E., Jackson. 


Grant, Gen. Louis A., Minneapolis. 
Ireland, Rt. Rev. John. St. Paul. 
Kingsbury, David L., St. Paul. 
Northrop, Cyrus, Minneapolis. 
Tawney, James A., Winona. 

Bratton, Rt. Rev. Theodore D., Jackson. 
Cooper, Dr. Inman Williams, Brookhaven. 
Griffith, Benjamin Whitfield, Vicksburg. 
Niles, Henry C, Kosciusko. 
Scott, Charles, Rosedale. 

Bartholdt, Richard, St. Louis. 
Beardsley, Henry M., Kansas City. 
Green, Dr. John P., Liberty. 
Hill, Dr. A. Ross, Columbia. 
King, Capt. Henry, St. Louis. 


Alexander, Thomas, Forsyth. 
Clark, William A., Butte. 
Downing, William G., Great Falls. 
Johnson, Alexander C, Helena. 
Myers, Henry L., Hamilton. 


Harmon, Harvey H., Lincoln. 
Roach, Isaac F., Lincoln. 
Sawyer, Andrew J., Lincoln. 
Shipperd, Theodore M., Lincoln. 
Weatherly, Arthur L., Lincoln. 

Adams, Jewett W., Carson City. 
Colcord, Roswell K., Carson City. 
Dickerson, Denver S., Carson City. 
Newlands, Francis G., Reno. 
Nixon, George S., Reno. 

New Hampshire 

Annett, Albert, East Jaffrey. 
Boutwell, Henry W., Manchester. 


Fellows, James G., Suncook. 
Foss, A. Melvin, Dover. 
Merrow, Lyford A., Ossipee. 

New Jersey 
Avis, John Boyd, Woodbury. 
Fowler, Charles N., Elizabeth. 
Lewis, Vivian M., Paterson. 
Record, George L., Jersey City, 
Roebling, Washington A., Trenton. 

New Mexico 
DeBremond, Charles, Roswell. 
Larrazola, Octaviano A., Las Vegas. 
Murray, William D., Silver City. 
Raynolds, Joshua S., Albuquerque. 
Springer, Frank, Las Vegas. 

New York 
Carnegie, Andrew, New York. 
Clune, Rev. Michael, Syracuse. 
Fish, Stuyvesant, New York. 
Low, Seth, New York. 
Munsey, Frank A., New York. 
Nelson, Rt. Rev. Richard H., Albany. 
Osborn, William Church, New York. 
Peabody, George Foster, Lake George. 
Pruyn, Robert C, Albany. 
Sidway, Frank S., Buffalo. 

North Carolina 
Bellamy, John D., Wilmington. 
Carlyle, Prof. John B., Wake Forest. 
Carr, Gen. Julian S. Durham. 
Hale, Edward J., Fayetteville. 
Moore, Walter E., Webster. 

North Dakota 
Amidon, Charles F., Fargo. 
Harris, Rev. Charles W., Bismarck. 
Kelly, Col. Joseph N., Devil's Lake. 
Makee, Col. William H., Kenmare. 
Packard, Frank, Valley City. 

Foraker, Joseph B., Cincinnati. 
Holden, Liberty E., Cleveland. 
Kilbourne, James, Columbus. 
Mack, Gen. Isaac F., Sandusky. 
Massie, D. M., Chillicothe. 
Nichols, Hugh L., Batavia. 

Bradford, George H., Guthrie. 
Brooke, Rt. Rev. Francis K., Oklahoma City. 
Brown, Tom, Claremore. 
Hayes, Sam., Oklahoma City. 
Maershaert, Rt. Rev. Theophile, Oklahoma 


Barkley, Bishop Henry L., Portland. 
Cauthorn, Alfred W., Portland. 
Dart, James, St. Helens. 
Shippee, Prof. Lester B., I'orest Grove. 
Waters, Father John F. A., Astoria. 


Bok, Edward, Philadelphia. 

Drinker, Dr. Henry Sturgis, South Bethlehem. 

Gregg, Gen. David McMurtrie, Reading. 

Howard, Josiah, Emporium. 

Tower, Charlemagne, Philadelphia. 

Rhode Island. 
Faunce, Dr. William H. P., Providence. 
Hazard, Rowland, Peacedale. 
Lapham, Oscar, Providence. 
Matteson, Charles, Providence. 
Utter, George H., Westerly. 

South Carolina. 

Dargan, John J., Stateburg. 
Lodge, Dr. Lee Davis, Gaffney. 
Mitchett, Dr. Samuel C, Columbia. 
Moffat, Dr. James S., Due West. 
Snyder, Dr. H. N., Spartanburg. 

South Dakota. 
French, Dr. Calvin H., Huron. 
Gault, Dr. Franklin B., Vermilion. 
Kerfoot, Dr. Samuel F., Mitchell. 
Slagle, Dr. Robert L., Brookings. 
Warren, Dr. Henry K., Yankton. 

Austin, Richard W., Knoxville. 
Garret, Finis J., Dresden. 
Lea, Luke, Nashville. 
Sells, Sam R., Johnson City. 
Taylor, Robert L., Nashville. 

Dibrell, Joseph B., Austin. 
Garrett, Bishop Alexander C, Dallas. 
Kirby, John H., Houston. 
Kirwin, Father James AL, Galveston. 
Sanger, Alexander, Dallas. 


Freund, Rabbi Charles J., Salt Lake City. 
Richards, Mrs. Emily S., Salt Lake City. 
Sjodahl, John M., Salt Lake City. 
Smoot, Reed, Provo. 
Sutherland, George, Salt Lake City. 

Benton, Dr. G. Potter, Burlington. 
Dillingham, William P., Montpelier. 
Foster, David J., Burlington. 
Page, Caroll S., Hyde Park. 

Plumley, Frank, Northfield. 
Spooner. Dr. Charles H.. Northfield. 
Thomas, Dr. John M., Middlebury. 

James, Rorer A., Danville 

Old CoT^'w'ir ^'\S'%^' ^^- Richmond. 
9; if ^^- y^.^"" ^- Norfolk. 
Scott, Frederick W., Richmond. 
Sims, Frederick W., Louisa. 

Cowles, William H. Spokane. 
Mfthews Rev. M A., Seattle. 

lurner, George, Spokane. 

West Virginia. 
Baker, Edward S., Bramwell 
Fleming, O. Jay, Grafton. ' 
Gallaher, DeWitt C, Charleston 
& °"' A^-, Clarence, Sistersville 
Sperry, Melvin, Clarksburg. 

Fh'™^".' ^iV^'"' C" LaCrosse. 

Brooks, Bryant B., Casper. 
Kendnck John, Sheridan. 
Marble, Arthur, Cheyenne. 
Osborne John. Rawlins. 
Patten, Mrs. H. B., Cheyenne 


General and Cities Committees 

(Committees appointed by Mayors as 
members National Committee; to serve for 
purposes of local celebration and in all 
matters affecting Cities.) 


John F. Fitzgerald 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Alexander, Rev. James 
Andrews, Mrs. Fannie Fern 
Bloomfield, Meyer 
Bottomley, Dr. John T. 
Brigham, William D. 
Brooks, Stratton D. 
Cardinal O'Connell 
Chandler, Edward H. 
Christian, Dr. Andrew F. 
Cole, Rev. William I. 
Conrad, Rev. A. Z. 
Dole, Rev. Charles F. 
Eichler, Rabbi M. M. 
Fleischer, Rev. Charles 
Frothingham, Rev. Paul Revere 
Oilman, John E. 
Gordon, Rev. George A. 
Hamilton, Rev. F. W. 
Hemenway, Mrs. Augustus 
Horgan, Dr. John A. 
Johnson, Rev. Herbert 
King, Rev. George W. 
Lawrence, Rt. Rev. William 
Lefavour, Dr. Henry 
Lowell, Dr. A. Lawrence 
Maclaurin, Dr. Richard C. 
Mann, Rev. Alexander 
McSweeney, Edward F. 
Mead, Edwin D. 
Mead, Mrs. Lucia Ames 
Munroe, James P. 
Murlin, Dr. Lemuel H. 
O'Connell, Cardinal 
Roblin, Rev. S. H. 
Shuman, Abraham 
Storey, Moorfield 
Tilley, David F. 
W'arren, W^inslow 
Woods, Robert A. 




Mayor of Buffalo 

President of Chamber of Commerce 

President Common Council 

President Board of Councilmen 

President Board of Aldermen 

President Board of Supervisors 

Chairman — Fenton M. Parke 

1st Vice-Chairman — Joseph R. Baldwin 

2nd Vice-Chairman — George K. Birge 

Honorary Vice-Chairmen 

George D. Emerson 

Joseph E. Gavin 

George Urban, Jr. 

S. Ginsburg 

Anthony J. Schreiber 

Joseph G. Bellanca 

Adam, James N. 
Albright, John J. 
Alexander, De Alva S. 
Almy, Francis 
Anderson, Henry G, 
Archbald, Joseph A, 
Armstrong, Charles N. 
Arnold, George J. 
Auhl, Dr. Charles H. W. 
Avery, Truman G. 
Babcock, Louis L. 
Baird, Frank B. 
Baker, John H. 
Baldwin, Joseph R. 
Balliett, Carl J. 
Balliett, Harold J. 
Barber, Cyrus L. 
Barcalo, Edward J. 
Bare, Francis S. 
Bardwell, Ernest G. 
Barker, Albert 
Barr, William Henry 
Bartlett, Dr. G. Hunter 
Bauman, Gustave C. 
Beck, Dr. William F. 
Becker, Fred A. 
Becker, Walter W. 
Bellanca, Joseph G. 
Bernhard, Philip 
Berrick, Alfred H. 
Bettcher, Charles F. 
Beyer, Frank A. 
Bippert, Fred 
Birge, George K. 
Bissell, Arthur D. 
Bissell, Herbert P. 
Blair, Odell R. 
Block, Joseph 
Bloschan, John 
Boiler, Henry E. 


Borzilleri, Dr. Charles R. 
Braun, John A. 
Brett, C. Edward 
Brown, Walter L. 
Buck, George S. 
Burd, George B. 
Butler, Edward H., Jr. 

Gary, Dr. Charles 
Chester, Carl T. 
Clarke, Charles M. 
Clement, Stephen M. 
Clinton, George 
Clinton, Spencer 
Codd, Robert M. 
Coleman, John 
Collucci, R. 
Connors, William J. 
Cook, Dr. Joseph T. 
Cooke, Thomas F. 
Cooke, Walter P. 
Crafts, John W. 
Crangle, Roland 
Crosby, William H. 
Curtiss, Harlow C. 
Curtiss, Walter L. 
Daniels, William H. 
Dann, Jesse C. 
Davis, George A. 
Day, Robert W. 
Deming, Charles G. 
Diehl, George C. 
Dold, Jacob C. 
Donaldson, Robert S. 
Douglas, William A. 
Driscoll, Daniel A. 
Dudley, Wesley C. 
Durand, Edward T. 

Eichel, Robert 
Emerson, George D. 
Emerson, Henry P. 
Enos, Laurens 
Ernst, Henry 
Everson, Albert 
Farrell, David B. 
Fitzpatrick, William H. 
Fleischmann, Simon 
Forman, Howard V. 
Foster, James F. 
Foster, Orrin E. 
Fryer, Robert L. 
Gerrans, H. Montgomery 
Gibbs, John W. 
Ginsburg, Solomon 
Gleber, George H. 
Glenny, William H. 
Godbald, William H. 
Goode, Richard W. 
Goodspeed, William P. 
Goodyear, A. Conger 
Gratwick, William H. 
Green, Edward B. 


Greene, Francis V. 
Greiner, Fred 
Gulp, Robert C. 
Gurney, Charles L. 

Haas, Frank J. 
Haight, Albert 
Hamlin, Chauncey J. 
Hammond, Clark H. 
Hanley, Dr. Lawrence T. 
Harp, J. Thomas 
Hayd, Dr. Herman 
Hayes, Edmund 
Heald, Charles M. 
Hearn, Richard F. 
Hedstrom, Arthur E. 
Hefford, Robert R. 
Heiss, Christian 
Held, Frank C. B. 
Hellriegel, Fred. C. 
Henry, John 
Hickman, Arthur W. 
Hill, Henry W. 
Hiss, William J., Jr. 
Hobbie, Dr. George S. 
Hofeller, Edward G. 

Hollister, Evan 

Holmwood, Frank S. 

Horton, Clinton, T. 

Hotchkiss, William Henry 

Howard, Frederick 

Howland, Henry R. 

Hubbell, Clifford 

Humphrey, Richard 

Humphrey, William 

Hutchinson, Edward Howard 

Hynes, John J. 

Irwin, Dudley M. 

Jackson, Edward D. 

Joergenson, James P. 

Jones, Bert L. 

Jones, Dr. C. Sumner 

Joslyn, John R. 

Justice, William G. 

Kellogg, Ralph H. 

Kennedy, Hugh 

King, William A. 

King, William F. 

Kingsley, Spencer S. 

Kirkover, Harry D. 

Kloepfer, John 

Koons, Edward L. 
Kreiger, William 
Kreinheder, Arthur W. 
Langdon, Andrew 
Lansill, William 
LaReau, Oliver G. 
Larkin, John D. 
Lamed, Josephus N. 
Lascelles, John H. 
Laub, Albert F. 
Laughlin, Joseph J. 


Lautz, Carl A. 
Lautz, Otto J. 
Leininger, Philip 
Lemmer, John 
Lewis Dr. F. Park 
Lewis, George A. 
Lewis, Loran L. 
Littell, Hardin H. 
Loomis, Frank M. 
Lormor, Earl E. 
Lutz, George F. 
MacGregor, Clarence 
Mack, Norman E. 
Mann, Elbert B. 
Mann, Dr. Matthew D. 
Martin, Darwin D. 
Marvin, John G. H. 
Matthews, George B. 
Mazuca, Pascal V. 
McCall, Henry C. 
McDougal, Elliott C. 
McGraw, Frank S. 
McNair, Eben. O. 
Mehl, Dr. William M. 
Meldrum, Herbert A. 
Meyer, August F. 
Meyer, Dr. Edward J. 
Miller, Edwin G. S. 
Mixer, Knowlton 
Montgomery, Edwin W. 
Moot, Adelbert 
Moseley, Dr. George T. 
Murphy, John A. 
Neal, Edgar C. 
Northrup, William P. 
Norton, Charles P. 
Nowicki, Stanislaus S. 

O'Brian, John Lord 
O'Keefe, Richard C. 
Olmsted, John B. 
Olszanowski, Frank A. 
Onetto, E. E. 
Osborn, Alexander F. 
Otto, William E. 
Page, Charles G. 
Paget, William 
Parke, Fenton M. 
Park, Dr. Roswell 
Penney, Thomas 
Peterson, Fred J. 
Pomeroy, Robert W. 
Price, John H. 
Rahl, Henry 
Ramsdell, William M, 
Ramsperger, Samuel J. 
Rand, George F. 
Reinecke, Ottomar 
Rich, G. Barrett, Sr. 
Richter, Dr. Julius 
Richter, Dr. M. Allen 
Robertson, William E. 


Robinson, John W. 
Rogers, William A. 
Rohlfs, Charles 
Rohr, Matthew 
Root, Robert K. 
Rozan, James M. 
Rumsey, Bronson 
Ruskievicz, Frank 
Russell, Dr. Nelson G. 
Ryan, William H. 

Saperston, Willard W. 
Sawyer, George P. 
Scatcherd, John N. 
Schaefer, Dr. George W. 
Schelling, Robert F. 
Schmidt, Frank J. 
Schmidt, Hans 
Schoelkopf, Walter H. 
Schoenhut, Charles 
Schreiber, Anthony 
Schwob, Frank 
Sears, Charles B. 
Seilheimer, Henry 
Severance, Frank H. 
Shire, Moses 
Sidway, Frank S. 
Simon, William 
Smith, Charles B. 
Smith, Preston R. 
Smith, T. Guilford 
Smithe, Charles A. 
Snokowski, Peter B. 
Sowers, David W. 
Spencer, Seth S., Jr., 
Sprague, Carlton 
Sprague, Henry W. 
Spratt, Maurice C. 
Squire, John B. 
Staniland, William G. 
Statler, Ellsworth M. 
Stedler, Robert C. 
Steele, Frank B. 
Stewart, Isaac N. 
Stockton, Dr. Charles G. 
Stringer, George A. 
Sullivan, John P. 
Sumner, G. Arthur 
Sumner, Wilder E. 

Taber, M. Emmett 

Tanke, Eugene 

Tanke, Theodore C. 

Taylor, Horace F. 

Tennant, Willis H. 

Terhaar, John 

Thomas, Edwin R, 

Thorn, Frank Bret 

Toughey, Thomas F. 

Tovey, Alfred E. 

Treptau, Frank M. 

Troup, George 

Truitt, Lieutenant-Colonel Charles M. 


Urban, George, Jr. 

Van Allen, John W. 

Valanti, Dr. Frank A. 

Vars, Harry T. 

Viele, Sheldon T. 

Walker, John K. 

Wall, Maurice M. 

Ward, Francis G. 

Ward, Hamilton 

Warner, Charles F. 

Warren, Edward S. 

Warren, William C. 

Warren, William Y. 

Watson, Arnold B. 

Webster, W. E. 

Wedekindt, Henry W. 

Welch, Brigadier General Samuel M. 

Wende, Gottfried H. 

Weppner, Edward A. 

Westbrook. Lloyd L. 

Wheeler, Albert J. 

Wheeler, Charles B. 

White, Ford 

Whitford, Alfred H. 

Wickwire, Theodore H., Jr. 

Wilcox, Ansley 

Wile, Herman 

Wilkie, Lafayette 

Wilks, Albert A. 

Williams, Frank F. 

Wilson, Charles R. 

Wilson, W. Morse 

Wittlinger, Rev. Oscar E. 

Wright, Albert B. 

Yeager, Orson E. 

Zawadzski, Wladyslaw H. 

Zeller, Henry C. 

Zenger, Joseph 

Zimmerman, George M. 


Carter H. Harrison 

(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Anderson, Bishop Charles P. 

Beals, Charles E. 

Bowen, Mrs. Joseph T. 

Buffington, E. J. 

Butler, Edward B. 

Crane, Charles R. 

Deneen, Governor Charles S. 

Eastman, John C. 

Goddard, Leroy A. 

Glogauer, Fritz 

Hinman, George W. 

Hirsch, Rev. Emil G. 
Hutchinson, Charles L. 
Jones, Rev. Jenkin Lloyd 
Kohlsaat, H. H. 
Lawrence, A. M. 
Lawson, Victor F. 


Lindgren, John R. 
McCormick, Medill 
McDowell, Bishop William F. 
Morris, Henry C. 
Orde, M. B. 

Quigley, Archbishop James E. 
Rossbach, Fred L. 
Shaffer, John C. 
Sheldon, George W. 
Skinner, Edward M. 
Tolman, Edgar B. 
Wheeler, Harry A. 
Young, Mrs. Ella Flagg 


Chairman — Samuel Mather 

Honorary Vice-Chairman — Newton D. Baker 

(Honorary Member National Committee) 
Vice-Chairman — Dr. Charles F. Thwing 
Vice-Chairman— Rev. T. S. McWilliams 
Vice-Chairman — Rev. Gilbert Jennings 
Vice-Chairman — James R. Garfield 
Secretary— D^hti C. Mathews 
Treasurer — M. A. Marks 

Adams, Charles E. 

Brett, W. H. 

Bulkley, R. J. 

Burton, Theodore E. 

Cooley, Rev. Harris R. 

Cowles, J. G. W. 

deMoulin, Very Rev. Frank 

Farrelly, Rt. Rev. John P. 

Garfield, James R. 

Goff, F. H. 

Gries, Rabbi Moses J. 

Havens, Munson A. 

Herrick, Myron T., Ambassador to 

Houck, Rev. M'g'r G. F. 
Houser, Rev. A. Frank 
Howe, Prof. Charles S. 
Howland, Paul 
Jennings, Rev. Gilbert P. 
Keeler, Miss Harriet L. 
Leonard, Rt. Rev. William A. 
Lewis, R. E. 
Marks, M. A. 
Mathews, D. C. 
Mather, Samuel 
McWilliams. Rev. T. S. 
Meldrum, Rev. A. B. 
Moran, Rev. Francis T. 
Perkins, Miss Emma M. 
Simons, Rev. M. O. 
Stone, Warren S. 
Sutphen, Rev. Paul 
Thomas, Harry 
Thwing, Dr. Charles F. 
Tippy, Rev. Worth 
Wolsey, Rabbi Louis 



Emil Seidel, 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Beck, Matthias A. 
Beflfel, Dr. John M. 
Bender, Walter 
Bilker, Jacob L. 
Bishop, Walter P. 
Boorse, Dr. Lorenzo 
Boyd, Mrs. Francis 
Brandecker, Frank 
Bruce, William George 
Conte, Arminio 
Currie, James 
Deutsch, Herman 
Edwards, Rev. Fred 
Gaylord, Winfield R. 
Gillan, Silas Y. 
Greenman, Rev. Walter 
Hill, Henry 

Hipke, Dr. Gustave H. 
Jacobs, Rev. Herbert H. 
Melms, Edmund T. 
Perry, Rev. Enoch 
Pereless, Nathan, Jr. 
Philipp, Emanuel L. 
Quin, Jeremiah 
Schuchard, William H. 
Spence, Mrs. Thomas 
Stone, Nat. 
Stone, Ray L. 
Tegtmeyer, Archie 
Thompson, Carl D. 
Thorndike, Dr. William 
Wagner, Herman A. 
Weber, Frank 

Williams, Miss Katherine R. 
Worden, Albert L. 


Hilary E. How^se 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Chairman, Jacob M. Dickinson. 

Akers, Albert W. 
Baskette, Gideon H. 
Burch, Robert L. 
Dibbrell, Frank 
Fall, Joseph Horton 
Foster, Austin P. 
Frank, Joseph 
Gleason, Rev. Patrick J. 
Gow^an, George A. 
Guthrie, Frank C. 
Hill, Albert E. 

Hutchinson, Colonel Thomas S. 
Lellyett, John T. 
Love, Hamilton 
Lewinthall, Rabbi Isadore 
Lewis, Eugene C. 

Rice, deLong 
Thruston, Gates P., Jr. 
Timothy, Oliver J. 
Vance, Dr. James I. 
Vertrees, John J. 
Weber, Henri C. 
Wills, Major Andrew W. 
Wrenne, Thomas W. 

Frank J. Rice 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Adler, Max 

Baldwin, Governor Simeon E. 

Brown, Rev. Charles R. 

Coyle, Rev. Father John D. 

Dent, Rev. E. A. 

Farnam, Professor Henry W. 

Farnam, William W. 

Farnsworth, Frederick F. 

Hadley, Dr. Arthur T. 

Holcomb, George F. 

Lincoln, Allan B. 

Maurer, Rev. Oscar A. 

Osborn, Colonel Norris G. 

Palmer, Rev. Charles Ray 

Piggott, James P. 

Rogers, Professor Henry Wade 

Sargent, Henry B. 

Scoville, Rev. Charles O. 

Stoddard, Major Louis E. 

Stokes, Rev. Anson Phelps 

Tilson, John Q. 

Troup, Philip 

Tweedy, Rev. H. H. 

Oilman, Colonel Isaac M. 

Welch, Louis S. 

Woodruff, Rollin S. 


Martin Behrman 

(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Amer, Alfred S. 

Barr, Rev. John Christie 

Butler, Pierce 

Coleman, John P. 

Cornelson, Rev. George H., Jr. 

Dymond, John, Jr. 

Craighead, Dr. Edwin B. 

Gilchrist, N. Elmer 

Hailey, Homer C. 

Hart, W. O. 

Heller, Rev. Max 

Kaiser, Herbert W. 

Levy, Gordon S. 

McCloskey, Bernard 

McCloskey, Joseph 

Mortimer, Paul E. 

Murphy, John H. 


Ringer, Robert 
Saunders, E. D. 
Spearing, J. Zach. 
Trufant, L. A. 
Werlein, Philip 


William J. Gaynor 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 
Honorary Chairman, J. Pierpont Morgan 

George T. Wilson 
Appleton, R. Ross 
Astor, John Jacob 
Barber, William A. 
Beard, Daniel C. 
Becker, C. Adelbert 
Belasco, David 
Belmont, August 
Bensel, John A. 
Boody, David A. 
Boross, Eugen 
Cadwalader, John L. 
Carnegie, Andrew 
Claflin, John 
Crimmins, John D. 
Cortelyou, George B. 
Cromwell, George 
Cutting, R. Fulton 
DeForest, Robert W. 
Dickhaut, Rev. Benjamin E. 
Donnelly, Rev. Eugene J. 
Earl, Edward 
Farley, Cardinal 
Franklin, Lindley M. 
Frew, Walter E. 
Gannon, Frank S. 
Gilbert, Cass 
Gould, George J. 
Greenhut, Benedict J. 
Hard, George M. 
Havemeyer, William F. 
Hemphill, Alexander J. 
James, General Thomas L. 
Johnson, Alfred E. 
Keep, Charles H. 
Lanier, Charles 
Lyman, Frank 
Marston, Edwin S. 
McDonnell, Rt. Rev. Bishop 
McWilliams, Daniel W. 
Morgan, J. Pierpont 
Mulry, Thomas M. 
Parsons, William Bowne 
Perkins, George W. 
Post, James H. 
Ryan, Thomas F. 
Schaefer, Edward C. 
Schenck, Henry A. 
Schwab, Charles M. 
Sheldon, Edward W. 
Smith, Samuel R. 


Stern, Leopold 
Stillman, James A. 
Straus, Nathan 
Taft, Henry W. 
Vanderlip, Frank A. 
Waller, Rev. H. D. 
Warnock, William A. 
Watson, Archibald R. 
Williams, William H. 
Winter, Edwin W. 
Zucca, Antonio 


Philip J. Keller 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Chairman, Peter A. Porter. 
Amberg, Max 
Bacon, Rev. Albert S. 
Barrows, Rev. William 
Barton, Philip P. 
Bermingham, Rev. Joseph D. 
Bliss, William L. 
Brezing, Rev. Herman 
Butler, Mighells B. 
Brennan, Thomas M. 
Canavan, Cornelius T. 
Carveth, Hector R. 
Chormann, Frederick 
Clancy, Philip 
Cohn, Morris, Jr. 
Constantine, Henry A. 
Courter, George H. 
Crick, Richard 
Cromley, Charles E. 
Cudaback, Asher T. 
Douglass, Anthony C. 
Dumville, Harry C. 
Dunlap, Orrin E. 
Francis, Henry A. 
Gaskill, Charles B. 
Gaskin, Thomas 
Gittins, Robert H. 
Greig, Walter 
Greenwood, Samuel 
Haeberle, George C. 
Hardwicke, Alan H. G. 
Harries, William E. 
Haskell, Frank W. 
Hooker, Albert H. 
Howard, Henry G, 
Hunter, Joseph 
Isaacs, David 
Jameson, William A. 
Jenny, John C. 
Johnson, Frank E. 
Keller, Philip J. 
Knox, George W. 
Level, John C. 
Lovelace, Frederick L. 
Lovell, Thomas Bailey 
Maddever, Noah F. 


Maloney, Michael P. 
Mason, Fred 
Meldrum, William R. 
Montague, Joseph E. 
Mosher, Rev. Philip W. 
Murphy, James F. 
Nassoiy, Eugene 
Nicklis, Eldred E. 
Nye, George F. 
Ochs, Henry G. 
Ohrt, Charles J. 
Pettebone, Lauren W. 
Pfetsch, Michael 
Pfohl, Peter P. 
Piper, Charles H. 
Porter, Alexander J. 
Rankine, deLancey 
Russell, Edward E. 
Roche, Rev. James J. 
Russ, Charles 
Sackett, Orville R. 
Salt, Francis H. 
Schoellkopf, Arthur 
Schumacher, John 
Schwartz, Daniel W. 
Shepard, George G. 
Silberberg, Louis S. 
Simmons, James S. 
Swan, Gayton H. 
Taylor, Reuben A. 
Traverse, James 
Walsh. Rev. Edward 
Whitehead, George W. 
Williams, Edward T. 
Wright, George E. 


Frank K. Mott, 

(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Brown, Everett J. 

Clark, W. C. 

Dempsey, Rev. Father Edward P. 

Dennison, A. A. 

Friedlander, Rabbi M. 

Goodspeed, Rev. Frank L. 

McNally, Rev. Father J. B. 

McSweeney, Rev. Father Thomas 

Moore, Miss Ethel 

Palmer, Rev. A. W. 

Simonds, Rev. W. D. 

Turner, Mrs. F. C. 

Walker, Wilbur 

White, Rev. George W. 

Wood, Miss Bessie 


Rudolph Blankenburg 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Acker, Finley 
Austin, Richard L. 


Bailey, Joshua L. 
Beeber, Dimner 
Brumbaugh, Dr. Martin G. 
Bullitt, William C. 
Burnham, George Jr. 
Burpee, W. Atlee 

Clark, E. Walter 

Clark, Herbert L. 

Clothier, Isaac H. 

Curtis, Cyrus H. K. 

Cuyler, T. DeWitt 

Dechert, Henry T. 

Dickson, Samuel 

Dodge, James Mapes 

Edmunds, Franklin S. 

Edmunds, Henry R. 

Ely, Theodore N. 

Evans, Powell 

Garman, Ira D. 

Glasgow, William A., Jr. 

Guenther, Emil 

Hardart, Frank 

Harper, Clarence L. 

Harrison, Dr. Charles C. 

Harrity, William F. 

Hollar, William H. 

Hope, James F. 

Hull, William I. 

Jenks, John Story 

Keen, Dr. W. W. 

Krauskopf, Rabbi Joseph 

Lea, Arthur H. 

Levy, Max 

Longstreth, William M. 

Maloney, Martin 

Mcllvain, J. Gibson 

Mitchell, Dr. Weir 

Moon, Reuben O. 

Morris, John T. 

Musser, Dr. John H. 

Penrose, Senator Boies 

Potter, William 

Potter, William P. 

Prefontaine, Albert M. 

Price, Eli Kirk 

Reeves, Francis B. 

Rhinelander, Rt. Rev. Philip M. 

Richardson, Charles 

Ross, David H. 

Rowe, Leo R. 

Sharpless, Isaac 

Simmington, James 

Smith, Edward B. 

Smith, Edgar Fahs 

Smith, Walter George 

Strawbridge, Frederic H. 

Wagner, General Louis 

White, Thomas Raeburn 

Williams, Dr. Talcott 

Wilson, Rev. Bishop Luther B. 

Wing, Asa S. 

Wister, Jones 
Wister, Owen 
Wood, Walter M. 
Yarnell, Stanley A. 

Brand Whitlock 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Alexander, Rabbi David 
Ashley, Henry W. 
Brough, Bernard F. 
Brown, Albertus 
rirown, Clarence 
Brown, Walter F. 
Lmttenden, Charles E. 
Cochran, Negley D. 
O'Donnell, O'Brien 
Donnelly, Dr. Peter 
Doyle, John H. 
Egan, James P. 
Gunckel, John E. 
Gunnell, Rev. George E. 
Hillenkamp, Frank 
Howard, H. J. 
Johnson, Curtis 
Kaufmann, Nathan 
Kinkade, Reynolds R. 
Killits, John M. 
Kinsey, Colonel Isaac 
Kline, Mrs. William 
Law, Dr. Mary E. 
Libbey, Edward Drummond 
Locke, Robinson 
Maher, William H. 
Manton, John P. 
O'Brien, Rev. Patrick 
Pilliod, James E. 
Pyle, Dr. John S. 
Schmettau, Charles A. 
Schrembs, Rt. Rev. Joseph 
Shepard, Howard J. 
Sheppe}', Marshall 
Sherwood, Isaac R. 
Steinem, Mrs. Pauline 
Vollmayer, Dr. H. R. 
Wright, Nat C. 


Barrett, John 

Bartlett, Paul Wayland 

Beach, Mrs. Mary C. 

Bell, Dr. Alexander Graham 

Beyer, Dr. H. G. 

Bush-Brown, Henry K. 

Carter, Major-General Wm. H. 

Clark, Rear Admiral Charles E. 

Claxton, Philander P. 

Cox, William V. 


Dennis, William E. 

Ettenger, Robert Lee 

Glover, Charles C. 

Gompers, Samuel 

Hackett, Frank Warren 

Haskell, William E. 

LaGarde, Col. Louis A. 

Magee, Charles L. 

McGee, W. J. 

Miles, Gen. Nelson A. 

Millet, Francis Davis 

Moore, Edvirard B. 

Noyes, Frank B. 

Page, Dr. Logan W. 

Peary, Rear Admiral Robert E. 

Pinchot, Gifford 

Powderly, Terrance V, 

Scott, Col. Hugh L. 

Stokes, Surgeon-General Charles F. 

Symons, Col. Thomas W. 

Torney, Surgeon-General George H. 

Warner, Bernard H. 

Watrous, Richard B. 

Wiley, Dr. Harvey W. 

Woodward, Robert S. 



Special Committees 

TO expedite and facilitate the work 
of the National, Executive and i 

Sub-Executive Committees, the Com- 
mittees which follow have been ap- 
pointed. Besides the committees 
which have already been created, 
others are in process of organization 
which will have reference to co-opera- 
tion by religious, educational, patri- 
otic and social organizations. 

Committee on Legislation 

Alton B. Parker, Chatrma'i 

Oscar S. Straus 
Richard Bartholdt 
William Jennings Bryan 
Samuel Gompers 
Ansley Wilcox 
Nahum J. Bachelder 
A. T. Clearwater 
Ormsby McHarg 
Job E. Hedges 
Edward W. Hatch 
Josiah Howard 
Robert C. Morris 
William L. Carpenter 
Peter H. Mayo 
Adolph S. Ochs 
George W. Knox 
Peter A. Porter 
Henry P. Emerson 
Samuel S. McClure 
James S. Clarkson 
William S. Bennet 
Richard W. Watrous 
Frank L. Frugone 
J. E. Ingraham 


Committee on Historical Review 
of the Century of Peace 

Nicholas Murray Butler, Chairman 

Hamilton Wright Mabie 
Stratton D. Brooks 
Francis G. Blair 
Ben Blewett 
Frank Chapin Bray 
Andrew S. Draper 
Philander P. Claxton 
Nathan C. Schaeffer 
James M. Green 
E. T. Fairchild 
Lawton B. Evans 
E. O. Holland 

D. B. Johnson 
C. E. Chadsey 
John Dietrich 
C. M. Jordan 

E. U. Graff 
George B. Cook 
H. C. Morrison 
Payson Smith 
T. A. Mott 

W. S. Sutton 
J. H. Francis 
E. E. Bass 

Committee on International Con- 
ference and Organization 

William B. Howland, Chairman 

Bernard N. Baker 
John Hays Hammond 
Theodore Marburg 
Charles M. Dow 
Charles J. Bonaparte 
Edwin Ginn 
Thomas W. Symons 
Job E. Hedges 
Louis Livingston Seaman 
Edward R. O'Malley 
Hamilton Holt 
John Barrett 
Henry Clews 
Elbert F. Baldwin 
James S. Clarkson 
S. Parkes Cadman 
Peter H. Mayo 
Cyrus Northrop 
Marcus M. Marks 
William S. Harvey 
Mrs. J. Elliott Langstaff 
Mrs. Elmer E. Black 
Mrs. Donald McLean 
Mrs. John Miller Horton 
Hugh L. Scott 


T. Kennard Thomson 

Samuel T. Button 

Frederick Lynch 

Fenton M. Parke 
Benehan Cameron 
Note. — The first conference on the subject 
of international organization was held in 
London in the summer of 1911, and was at- 
tended by Mr. John Hays Hammond, Ameri- 
can Ambassador to the Coronation of King 
George; Mr. William B. Howland, Chairman 
of the American Committee on International 
Conference; Mr. Bernard N. Baker, and Mr. 
Theodore Marburg of Baltimore; Dr. Louis 
Livingston Seaman, and Madame Langstaff 
and Madame Black. Mr. Howland returned 
to London later in the year and remained 
for some months in England devoting much 
of his time to conferences with relation to 
the international aspects of the movement. 

Committee on Publicity 

Albert Shaw, Chairman 

Henry Watterson 
Herman H. Kohlsaat 
Frank B. Noyes 
Josephus Daniels 
Adolph S. Ochs 
George Shipley 
James Keeley 
Chester S. Lord 
Delavan Smith 
Howard D. Hadley 
John Temple Graves 
Frank Presbrey 
James M. Thompson 
Frederick Roy Martin 
Charles W. Price 
Alexander P. Moore 
Frank L. Frugone 
Karl V. S. Howland 
James S. Clarkson 
Stephen S. Wise 
Thomas M. Osborne 
Antonio Stella 
A. B. Weiss 
Homer B. Sprague 
John J. D. Trenor 
James L. Tryon 
William H. Short 
William D. Forbes 


Committee on Memorials 

Andrew B. Humphrey, Chairman 

W. D. Forbes William S. Harvey 

T. Kennard Thomson, C.E. 
John A. Stewart, ex-officio 
Jacob H. Schiff 

John H. Finley 
J. L. Hudson 
George K. Birge 
Logan Waller Page 
Alexander J. Porter 
W. O. Hart 
Benehan Cameron 
George D. Emerson 
La Verne W. Noyes 
Herbert E. Bolton 
James D. Phelan 
Edwin T. Coman 
Cyrus Northrop 
George S. Bixby 
John Dietrich 
James F. Ailshie 
Guy Potter Benton 
Winston Churchill 
George C. Chase 

Advisory Members 
Thomas W. Symons 
John W. Alexander 
Edwin H. Blashfield 
Gutzon Borglum 
Herbert Adams 
George B. Post 
Hermon A. MacNeil 
Charles Moore 
Frederick Ballard Williams 
Walter Cook 
Victor David Brenner 
George E. Bissell 
Frederick W. Ruckstuhl 
Charles Rollinson Lamb 
Harold A. Caparn 
Percy Griffin 

Committee on Celebration in the 
City of New York 

George F. Kunz, Chairman 

T. Commerford Martin Alfred J. Boulton 

Calvin W. Rice 


Abbott, Lawrence F New York 

Abbott, Dr. Lyman New York 

Acker, Charles Ernest Ossining, N. Y. 

Adams, Arthur L San Francisco, Cal. 

Adams, Charles Francis Boston, Mass. 

Adams, Edward L., American Consul, 

Dublin, Ireland 

Adams, Judge Elmer B St. Louis, Mo. 

Adams, Herbert New York 

Adams, Samuel Hopkins Auburn, N. Y. 

Adamson, Robert New York 

Ade, George Brook, Ind. 

Adler, Dr. Felix New York 

Agar, John G New York 

Ager, Waldemar Eau Claire, Wis. 

Aiken, Rev. William A Auburn, N. Y. 

Aked, Rev. Charles F San Francisco, Cal. 

Alden, Henry Mills New York 

Alderman, Dr. Edwin Anderson, 

Charlottesville, Va. 

Aldrich, Orlando W Columbus, O. 

Aldridge, George W Rochester, N. Y. 

Alexander, Magnus West Lynn, Mass. 

Allen, Charles H New York 

Allen, James Lane New York 

Almy, Francis Buffalo, N. Y. 

Ames, Charles W St. Paul, Minn. 

Anderson, Abraham A New York 

Anderson, Charles E., American 

Consul-General Hongkong, China 

Anderson, Rt. Rev. Charles P Chicago, 111. 

Anderson, George E Hongkong, China 

Anderson, Rasmus B Madison, Wis. 

Andrews, Colonel Alexander B., 

Raleigh, N. C. 
Andrews, Colonel Avery D., 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Andrews, Justice Charles Syracuse, N. Y. 

Andrews, Mrs. Fannie Fern Boston, Mass. 

Andrews, Frank M New York 

Appleton, General Francis Henry, 

Boston, Mass. 

Armbrecht, William H Mobile, Ala. 

Arnold, Bion J Chicago, 111. 

Atherton, Gertrude San Francisco, Cal. 

Bacheller, Irving, 

Nehasane Post Office, N. Y. 

Baker, Alfred L Chicago, 111. 

Baker, Bernard N Baltimore, Md. 


Baker, Charles Whiting New York 

Baker, Kay Stannard New York 

Baldwin, Elbert F New York 

Baldwin, Joseph R Buffalo, N. Y. 

Barber, Ohio C Akron, O. 

Barnard, Professor Edward Emerson, 

William's Bay, Wise. 
Barr, Mrs. Amelia E., 

Cornwall-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

Barrett, John Washington, D. C. 

Barstow, George E Barstow, Tex. 

Bartlett, Paul Wayland Washington, D. C. 

Barton, George De Forest New York 

Bass. E. E Greenville. Miss 

Beach, Mrs. Mary C Washington, D. C. 

Beals, Rev. Charles E Chicago, 111. 

Beck, James M New York 

Bell, Dr. Alexander Graham, 

Washington, D. C. 
Benedict, General James S., American 

Consul St. John's, Newfoundland 

Benjamin, Marcus New York 

Bennet, William S New York 

Bestor, Arthur Eugene Chautauqua, N. Y. 

Beveridge, Albert J Indianapolis, Ind. 

Beyer, Dr. H. G Washington, D. C. 

Birge, George K Buffalo, N. Y. 

Bispham, David New York 

Bissell, George Edwin Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

Bissell, Herbert P Buffalo, N. Y. 

Black, Mrs. Elmer New York 

Black, Rev. Hugh New York 

Blair, Francis G Springfield, 111. 

Blanchard, Justice James A New York 

Blewett, Ben St. Louis, Mo. 

Bloom, J. George Mill Creek, Okla. 

Bloomingdale, Emanuel Watson New York 

Boas, Emil L New York 

Bolton, Charles Knowles Boston, Mass. 

Bolton, Professor Herbert E. . .Berkeley, Cal. 

Booth, Commander Ballington New York 

Borie, Adolph E High Bridge, N. J. 

Borzilleri, Dr. Charles R.. ... .Buffalo, N. Y. 

Bothne, Prof. Gisle Minneapolis, Minn. 

Boulton, Alfred J Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Bowen, Herbert W Woodstock, Conn. 

Bowron, Mrs. Henry L New York 

Boynton, Rev. Charles H Englewood, N. J. 

Brady, Rev. Cyrus Townsend, 

Kansas City, Mo. 

Bray, Frank Chapin New York 

Bray, John P., American Consul-General, 

Sydney, Australia 

Brenner, Victor David New York 

Brett, George P New York 

Bridgman, Herbert Lawrence, 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Bright, Frederick I., American Consul, 

Huddersfield, England 

Broad, John H Morrisville, N. Y. 

Brooks, Stratton D Boston, Mass. 

Brown, Dr. Elmer Ellsworth New York 


Brown, Frank L Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Brown, Dr. George Atlanta, Ga. 

Brown, Gerald R New York 

Brown, Harry L St. Augustine, Fla. 

Bryan, Dr. Elmer Burritt Hamilton, N. Y. 

Bryan, M. T Nashville, Tenn. 

Bryant, Henry G Philadelphia, Pa. 

Brydges, Rev. Ralph L New York 

Buchtel, Dr. Henry A Denver, Col. 

Buck, Benjamin F New York 

Bunn, Charles W St. Paul, Minn. 

Burbank, Luther Santa Rosa, Cal. 

Burch, Robert L Nashville, Tenn. 

Burke, John P Los Angeles, Cal. 

Burkhart, Dr. Harvey J Batavia, N. Y. 

Burleigh, George W New York 

Burnham, George, Jr Philadelphia, Pa. 

Burr, Professor George Lincoln, 

Ithaca, N. Y. 
Burr, Professor William Hubert. ..New York 

Burrell, Rev. David J New York 

Burroughs, John Roxbury, N. Y. 

Bush-Brown, Henry K Washington, D. C. 

Butler, William Allen New York 

Byington, Homer M., American Consul, 

Bristol, England 

Cable, George W Northampton, Mass. 

Cadman, Rev. S. Parkes Brooklyn, N, Y. 

Call, Arthur W Hartford, Conn. 

Callaway, Llewellyn L... Virginia City, Mont. 

Cameron, Colonel Benehan Raleigh, N. C. 

Cannon, Henry W New York 

Cannon, James G New York 

Carnegie, Andrew New York 

Carpenter, William L Detroit, Mich. 

Carson, Rev. J. F Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Cauldwell, Frederic W., American 

Vice-Consul-General . . . Berlin, Germany 

Ceballos, J. M New York 

Cecil, Rev. Russell Richmond, Va. 

Chadsey, C. E Denver, Colo. 

Chamberlin, George E., American Consul, 

Cork, Ireland 

Chapin, Roy D Detroit, Mich. 

Chapman, Frank M New York 

Chase, Benjamin F., American Consul, 

Leeds, England 

Chase, Harvey S Boston, Mass. 

Chase, William M New York 

Chenoweth, Mrs. Catherine R New York 

Chilton, Robert S., Jr., American Consul, 

Toronto, Canada 

Church, Colonel William C New York 

Church, William L Boston, Mass. 

Churchill, Winston Windsor, Vt. 

Clark, Rear Admiral Charles E., 

Washington, D. C. 

Clark, Rev. Francis E Boston, Mass. 

Clark, Mrs. Kate Upson Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Clarke, John H Cleveland, O. 

Clarkson, General James S., 

Tarrytown, N. Y. 


Claxton, Philander P Washington, D. C. 

Clearwater, Justice Alphonso T., 

Kingston, N. Y. 

Clews, Henry New York 

Cocks, William W Old Westbury, N. Y. 

Coffin, Charles A New York 

Coman, Edwin T Spokane, Wash. 

Comstock, Theodore Bryant, 

Los Angeles, Cal. 
Conant, Harry A., American Consul, 

Windsor, Canada 
Conner, Jacob E., American Consul-General, 

St. Petersburg, Russia 

Cook, George B Little Rock, Ark. 

Corwine, William R New York 

Coudert, Frederic R New York 

Cowperthwait, J. Howard New York 

Cox, William V Washington, D, C. 

Crandall, Rev. Lathan A., 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Cruickshank, Dwight Phelps, 

Ottawa, Canada 
Cunningham, Edwin S., American Consul, 

Bombay, India 

Cutler, Harry Providence, R. L 

Cutting, R. Fulton New York 

Damrosch, Frank New York 

Damrosch, Walter New York 

Daniels, Charles N., American Consul, 

Sheffield, England 

Daniels, Josephus Raleigh, N. C. 

Darrell, Edward F New York 

Davenport, William B Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Davis, Dr. Nathan Smith Chicago, 111. 

Day, Arthur New York 

Deedmeyer, Frank, American Consul, 

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island 

Delavan, Dr. David B New York 

Demorest, William Curtis New York 

Denby, Charles, American Consul-General, 

Vienna, Austria 

Denegre, Walter D Manchester, Mass. 

Dennis, William C Washington, D. C. 

Dennison, E. Haldeman, American Consul, 

Dundee, Scotland 

Dewey, Melvil Lake Placid Club, N. Y. 

Dey, Donald Syracuse, N. Y. 

Dietrich, John Helena, Mont. 

Dodge, Cleveland H New York 

Dodge, General Grenville M., 

Council Bluffs, la. 

D'Oench, Albert F. New York 

Dohme, Alfred R. L Baltimore, Md. 

Douglas, James H Chicago, 111. 

Douglass, Rev. T. O Grinnell, Iowa 

Dow, Charles M Jamestown, N. Y. 

Dow, William H Portland, Me. 

Downing, Robert F Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Draper, Andrew S Albany, N. Y. 

Dreher, Julius D., American Consul, 

Port Antonio, Jamaica 

Dunham, George E Utica, N. Y. 


Dutton, Professor Samuel T New York 

Earle, John Walter New York 

Eaton, Edward D Beloit, Wise. 

Eaton, Frederick Heber New York 

Eaton, Marquis Chicago, 111. 

Edge, Walter Atlantic City, N. J. 

Edison, Thomas A Orange, N. J. 

Edmonds, Professor Franklin Spencer, 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Edwards, C. Robert Rome, N. Y. 

Eliot, Dr. Charles W Cambridge, Mass. 

Ellyson, J. Taylor Richmond, Va. 

Elwell, Frank Edwin Weehawken, N. J. 

Ely, Robert Erskine New York 

Emerson, George D Buffalo, N. Y. 

Emerson, Henry P Buffalo, N. Y. 

English, H. D. W Pittsburgh, Pa. 

English, William E Indianapolis, Ind. 

Ettenger, Robert Lee Washington, D. C. 

Evans, David G New York 

Evans. Lawton B Augusta, Ga. 

Fabbri, Ernesto G New York 

Fairchild, E. T Topeka, Kan. 

Farley, Philip H Boston, Mass. 

Farnsworth, Colonel Frederick E...New York 

Felton, Samuel M Chicago, 111. 

Fenton, Rev. Thomas Albert. .Syracuse, N. Y. 

Fessenden, Mrs. James G Paris, France 

Finley, Dr. John H New York 

Fisher, Professor Irving.. New Haven, Conn. 

Fisher, Leon O New York 

FitzHugh, Carter H Lake Forest, 111. 

Flagg, Ernest New York 

Fleming, Rufus, American Consul, 

Edinburgh, Scotland 

Flint, Dr. Austin New York 

Flom, Prof. George T Urbana, 111. 

Forbes, William D New London, Conn. 

Ford, Arthur Y Louisville, Ky. 

Fosdick, Frederick Fitchburg, Mass. 

Foster, A. W San I* rancisco, Cal. 

Foster, Ben New York 

Foster, John G., American Consul-General, 

Ottawa, Canada 

Foulke, William Dudley Richmond, Ind. 

Francis, J. H Los Angeles, Cal. 

Francolini, Joseph N New York 

Franklin, N. E Deadwood, S. D. 

Franks, Robert A Hoboken, N. J. 

French, Daniel Chester New York 

Frugone, Frank L New York 

Gaige, Crosby New York 

Gannon, John J New Orleans, La. 

Gardner, Frank S New York 

Garfield, Dr. Harry A.. .Williamstown, Mass. 

Gates, Rev. Frederick T New York 

Gay, Edward Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

Geer, Walter New York 

Gibson, Charles Dana New York 

Gilman, General John E Boston, Mass. 

Gilman, Theodore Yonkers, N. Y. 

Gladden, Rev. Washington Columbus, O. 


Glover, Charles C Washington, D. C. 

Gompers, Samuel L Washington, D. C. 

Gould, Edwin New York 

Gould, Elgin R. L New York 

Graff, E. U Omaha, Neb. 

Graham, James G New York 

Grant, Rev. Percy Stickney New York 

Graves, John Temple New York 

Green, J. M Trenton, N. J. 

Green, W. Maxwell, American Consul, 

Hamilton, Bermuda 

Greer, Rt. Rev. David H New York 

Gregory, Henry E New York 

Griffiths, John L., American Consul-General, 

London, Eneland 

Griggs, George B Houston, Tex. 

Grinnell, George B New York 

Gross, Robert J Dunkirk, N. Y. 

Guenther, Richard, American Consul- 
General, Cape Town, South Africa 

Gulick, Ernestus New York 

Gunn, James N New York 

Gunsaulus, Edwin N., American Consul, 

Johannesburg, South Africa 
Guthrie, George W Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Habgood, Robert P Bradford, Pa. 

Hackett, Frank Warren Washington, D. C. 

Hadley, Howard D Plattsburg, N. Y. 

Hale, Professor Edward Everett, Jr., 

Schenectady, N. Y. 

Hale, Reuben B San Francisco, Cal. 

Hall, Edward Hagaman New York 

Halstead, Albert, American Consul, 

Birmingham, England 

Hamill, Ernest A Chicago, 111. 

Hamm, Walter C, American Consul, 

Hull, England 

Hammond, John Hays Gloucester, Mass. 

Hammond, Mrs. John Hays, Gloucester, Mass. 

Hanson, Justice George M Calais, Me. 

Hapgood, Norman New York 

Harris, Daniel New York 

Hart, Professor Albert Bushnell, 

Cambridge, Mass. 

Hart, Merwin K Utica, N. Y. 

Harvey, Colonel George New York 

Harvey, Horace J., American Consul. 

Fort Erie, Canada 

Harvey, William S New York 

Haskell, William E Washington, D. C. 

Hastings, Thomas New York 

Hatch, Edward W New York 

Hay, Louis C New York 

Hayes, Stanley Wolcott Richmond, Ind. 

Hedges, Job E New York 

Henry, Philip W New York 

Hexamer, Dr. C. I Philadelphia, Pa. 

Hill, David Jayne Rochester, N. Y. 

Hill, George M Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Hill, Fred M New York 

Hillis, Rev. Newell Dwight. . .Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Hillquit, Morris New York 

Hodges, Colonel Alfred New York 

Holland, E. O Louisville, Ky. 

Holmes, Dr. Alexander M. .Morrisville, N. Y. 

Holt, Hamilton New York 

Hooper, Professor Franklin W., 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Hornblower, William B New York 

Horton, Mrs. John Miller Buffalo, N. Y. 

Hough, Emerson Chicago, 111. 

Hough, Judge Warwick St. Louis, Mo. 

Howe, Albert H Reno, Nev. 

Howe, Major Church, American Consul, 

Manchester, England 

Howland, Henry R Buffalo, N. Y. 

Howland. Karl V. S New York 

Howland, William B New York 

Hoyt, Frank C New York 

Huckel, Rev. Oliver Baltimore, Md. 

Hudson, J. L Detroit, Mich. 

Hull, William I Swarthmore, Pa. 

Humphrey, Andrew B New York 

Hunt, Harry E Detroit, Mich. 

Huntington, Webster P Cleveland, O. 

Hutchinson, A. M Council Bluffs, Iowa 

Hutchinson, Charles L Chicago, 111. 

Ide, Rev. Herbert Chandler, 

Mt. Vernon, N. Y, 

Ingraham, J. E St. Augustine, Fla. 

Ingram, Augustus E., American Consul, 

Bradford, England 

Iselin, C. Oliver New York 

James, Francis B Cincinnati, O. 

Jefferson, Rev. Charles E New York 

Jenks, Professor Jeremiah W... Ithaca, N. Y. 

Jennings, Frederick Beach New York 

Jewell, John F Melbourne, Australia 

Johannsen, S. M Put-in-Bay, Ohio 

Johansen, Charles K New York 

Johnson, D. B Rock Hill, S. C. 

Johnson, George K Philadelphia, Pa. 

Johnson, Willis Fletcher, 

New Providence, N. J. 

Jones, Breckinridge St. Louis, Mo. 

Jones, T. C Pittsburg, Pa. 

Jordan, C. M Minneapolis, Minn. 

Jordan, Dr, David Starr, 

Stanford University, Cal. 

Josika-Herczeg, Imre New York 

Jowett, Rev. John H New York 

Kahn, Otto H New York 

Katz, Jacob New York 

Keene, Foxhall P New York 

Kehl, John E., American Consul, 

Sydney, Nova Scotia 

Kellogg, Frederick S Jersey City, N. J. 

Keppel, Frederick P New York 

King, David Bennett New York 

King, General Horatio C Brooklyn, N. Y. 

King, Dr. Joseph E Fort Edward, N. Y. 

King, Willard V New York 


Kirkland, Dr. James H Nashville, Tenn. 

Knapp, Charles Welbourne St. Louis, Mo. 

Knopf, Dr. S. Adolphus New York 

Knox, George W Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

Knox, Seymour H Buffalo, N. Y. 

Koenig, Samuel S New York 

Kohlsaat, Herman H Chicago, 111. 

Konti, Isidore New York 

Kontz, Ernest C Atlanta, Ga. 

Kunz, George F New York 

Lafrentz, Ferdinand W New York 

LaGarde, Colonel Louis A.. Washington, D. C. 
Laing, James Oliver, American Consul, 

Malta, Maltese Islands 

Lamb, Charles Rollinson New York 

Lamont, Thomas W New York 

Langdon, Andrew Buffalo, N. Y. 

Lange, Ove New York 

Langstaff, Mrs. J. Elliott Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Larkin, John D Buffalo, N. Y. 

Larmon, Charles W Salem, N. Y. 

Lathrop, William L New Hope, Pa. 

Lawrence, Frank R New York 

Lawrence, William W New York 

Lindsay, Samuel McCune New York 

Little, John Mason Boston, Mass. 

Littlefield, Nathan W Providence, R. I. 

Loeb, William, Jr New York 

Loomis, Francis B Washington, D. C. 

Lord, Chester S Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Lorentzen, Carl New York 

Lowell, Dr. A. Lawrence Cambridge, Mass. 

Lynch, Rev. Frederick New York 

Mabie, Dr. Hamilton Wright New York 

MacArthur, Rev. Robert Stuart. ..Atlanta, Ga. 

MacCracken, Dr. Henry M New York 

MacNeil, Hermon A College Point, N. Y. 

Macphatter, Dr. Neil New York 

Magee, Charles L Washington, D. C. 

Manning, Rev. William T New York 

Marble, William A New York 

Marburg, Theodore Baltimore, Md. 

Markham, Edwin... West New Brighton, N. Y. 

Marks, Marcus M New York 

Marlowe, Julia New York 

Marsh, Edward C New York 

Martin, Chester W., American Consul, 

Bridgetown, Barbadoes, B. W. I. 

Martin, Frederick Roy Providence, R. I. 

Martin, T. Commer f ord New York 

Mason, Frank H., American Consul-General, 

Paris, France 

Mason, Dr. John J New York 

Masters, Eugene St. Augustine, Fla. 

Matthews, Thomas A New York 

Maxim, Hudson Landing, N. J. 

Maxwell, Dr. William H Flushing, N. Y. 

Mayo, Peter H Richmond, Va. 

McAdoo, William G New York 

McAneny, George New York 

McBee, Silas New York 


McCarroll, William New York 

McClellan, George B New York 

McClure, Samuel S New York 

McConnell, Rev. Samuel D Easton, Md. 

McConnico, Andrew J., American Consul, 

St. John's, Canada 

McDonald, Dr. Ellice New York 

McFaden, Dr. F. T Richmond, Va. 

McFarland, J. Horace Harrisburg, Pa. 

McUee, W. J Washington, D. C. 

McGowan, Dr. John Patrick New York 

McGregor, Duncan Madison, Wise. 

McHarg, Ormsby New York 

McKenna, Thomas P New York 

McKim, Alexander Rice New York 

McLean, Donald New York 

McLean, John Emery New York 

McLean, Mrs. Donald New York 

McWalters, Mrs. Frank New York 

Mead, Edwin D Boston, Mass. 

Mead, William Rutherford New York 

Melish, William B Cincinnati, O. 

Mendes, Dr. H. Pereira New York 

Merriam, Professor Charles E., Chicago, 111. 

Messenger, Hiram J Hartford, Conn. 

Meyers, J. Edward Minneapolis, Minn. 

Michener, Harry G Philadelphia, Pa. 

Milburn, John G New York 

Miles, General Nelson A. . .Washington, D. C. 

Miller, Dr. Charles Henry Queens, N. Y. 

Miller, Dr. George N New York 

Millet, Francis David Washington, D. C. 

Mitchell, Dr. Silas Weir. .. .Philadelphia, Pa. 
Moore, Colonel Alexander P. .Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Moore, Charles Detroit, Mich. 

Moore, Edward B Washington, D. C. 

Moore, John Bassett New York 

Moorhead, Maxwell K., American Consul, 

Rangoon, India 

Morgan, Daniel N Bridgeport, Conn. 

Morgan, Rollin M New York 

Morgan, William Fellowes New York 

Morris, Henry C Chicago, 111. 

Morris, Robert C New York 

Morrison, H. C Concord, N. H. 

Morse, Perley New York 

Moskowitz, Henry New York 

Mott, T. A Richmond, Ind. 

Munn, Dr. John P New York 

Munsterberg, Professor Hugo, 

Cambridge, Mass. 

Murray, Rt. Rev. John G Baltimore, Md. 

Muschenheim, William C New York 

Nelson, Colonel William R. .Kansas City, Mo. 

Nettleton, Walter Cambridge, Mass. 

Nichols, George L New York 

North, S. N. D Washington, D. C. 

Nottingham, William Syracuse, N. Y. 

Noyes, Frank B Washington, D. C. 

Noyes, LaVerne W Chicago, III. 

Nye, George F Niagara Falls, N. Y. 


Nye, Ray Fremont, Neb. 

Uchs, Adolph S New York 

Ochs, George W Philadelphia, Pa. 

Ochtman, Leonard Cos Cob, Conn. 

O'Donovan, William Rudolf New York 

Ogden, Robert C New York 

Ogden, Rollo New York 

Olcott, Dudley Albany, N. Y. 

Olin, Stephen H New York 

Olmsted, John Charles Brookline, Mass. 

O'Malley, Edward R Buffalo, N. Y. 

Ordway, Samuel H New York 

Osborne, Thomas M Auburn, N. Y. 

Osborne, Louis A Scranton, Pa. 

Ostrup, John C New York 

Outerbridge, Eugene H New York 

Page, Dr. Logan W Washington, D. C. 

Page, Thomas Nelson York, Me. 

Paine, Nathaniel Worcester, Mass. 

Palmer, Walter L Albany, N. Y. 

Parke, Fenton M Buffalo, N. Y. 

Parker, Amasa J Auburn, N. Y. 

Parkhurst, Rev. Charles H New York 

Partington, F. E Forest Glen, Md. 

Patchen, Robert H Ottawa, Canada 

Patton, Major Charles H New York 

Pearce, G. Wilfred New York 

Peary, Rear Admiral Robert E., 

Washington, D, C. 

Peaslee, Edward Henry New York 

Peer, Sherman Ithaca, N. Y. 

Pelton, Rev. DeWitt Lincoln New York 

Penfield, Frederic C New York 

Perkins, Frank E New York 

Perry, Charles B., American Vice-Consul- 

General Calcutta, India 

Peters, Rev. Madison C Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Peters, William R New York 

Phelan, James D San Francisco, Cal 

Phelps, John J Hackensack, N. J 

Phillips, H. C Mohonk Lake, N. J 

Pihlblad, Dr. Ernst F Lindsborg, Kan 

Pinchot, Gifford Washington, D. C 

Piatt, Edmund P Poughkeepsie, N. Y 

Porter, General Horace New York 

Porter, Peter A Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

Porter, Robert P London, England 

Potter, Frederick New York 

Potter, Julian, American Consul, 

Nassau, New Providence 

Potter, William P Philadelphia, Pa. 

Powderly, Terrence V Washington, D. C. 

Pratt, Joseph Hyde Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Presbrey, Frank New York 

Price, Charles W New York 

Price, Milo B Owatonna, Minn. 

Prickitt, William A., American Consul- 

General Auckland, New Zealand 

Pritchett, Dr. Henry S New York 

Proctor, A. Phimister New York 

Proctor, Thomas Utica, N. Y, 


Putnam, George Haven New York 

Quinby, Henry C New York 

Rabbino, Bernhard New York 

Ragsdale, James W., American 

Consul-General. . .Halifax, Nova Scotia 

Randall, Blanchard Baltimore, Md. 

Ravn. Chr New York 

Redding, Sid B Little Rock, Ark. 

Reeves, Francis B Philadelphia, Pa. 

Reick, William C New York 

Reid, Rev. Gilbert New York 

Reinhart, William H Sandusky, O. 

Remington, Harvey F Rochester, N. Y. 

Remsen, Dr. Ira Baltimore, Md. 

Reque, Dr. P. A Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Reynolds, James Bronson New York 

Rhees, Dr. Rush Rochester, N. Y. 

Rice, Calvin W New York 

Richards, W. W Ticonderoga, N. Y. 

Richardson, Frank W Auburn, N. Y. 

Ridder, Herman New York 

Ridgway, Erman J New York 

Riggs, Mrs. George C New York 

Riis, Jacob A Richmond Hill, N. Y. 

Riley, James Whitcomb Indianapolis, Ind. 

Rindlaut, M. P Plattville, Wise. 

Ristad, Rev. D. G Fergus Falls, Minn. 

Robinson, Douglas New York 

Robinson, Edward New York 

Roden, Ernest K Scranton, Pa. 

Rodgers, James Linn, American 

Consul-General Havana, Cuba 

Rogers, John S New York 

Rogers, Walter Alexander Chicago, 111. 

Rogers, William E New York 

Rollins, James W Boston, Mass. 

Roosevelt, Theodore New York 

Root, Charles T New York 

Rosewater, Victor Omaha, Neb. 

Roth, Frederick G. R Englewood, N. J. 

Rouse, Frederick T Omaha, Neb. 

Rowe, L. S Philadelphia, Pa. 

Ruppert, Jacob, Jr New York 

Russell, Lindsay New York 

Russell, William W., American Consul- 

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 
Ryder, Frederick M., American Consul, 

Rimouski, Quebec, Canada 

Sackett, Henry Woodward New York 

Sammons, Thomas, American Consul- 
General Yokohama, Japan 

Sanborn, Charles P Newport, R. I. 

Sanger, Colonel William Gary, 

Sangerfield, N. Y. 

Sartz, R. N. S Washington, D. C. 

Saxe, John Godfrey New York 

Schaeffer, Nathan C Harrisburg, Pa. 

Schelling, Professor Felix Emanuel, 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Schiflf, Jacob H New York 


Schiff, Mortimer L New York 

Schmidlapp, J. G Cincinnati, O. 

Schneider, R. B Fremont, Neb. 

Schurman, Dr. Jacob Gould Ithaca, N. Y. 

Schwab, Gustav H., Jr New York 

Scott, Frank H New York 

Scott, Colonel Hugh L Washington, D. C. 

Scott, James Brown Washington, D. C. 

Scott, Walter New York 

Scovil, E. Medley New York 

Seaman, Dr. Louis Livingston New York 

Seligman, Isaac N New York 

Seton, Ernest Thompson. . . .Cos Cob, Conn. 

Sexton, Lawrence E New York 

Seyfert, Augustus G., American Consul, 

Owen Sound, Canada 

Shaw, Dr. Albert New York 

Shaw, Dr. Henry L. K Albany, N. Y. 

Sheldon. Dr. Charles S Madison, Wise. 

Shepard, James M., American Consul, 

Hamilton, Canada 

Sherrill, Charles H New York 

Shipley, George Baltimore, Md. 

Short, Rev. Wallace M Sioux City, Iowa 

Short, William H New York 

Shumaker, Frederick W New York 

Silliman, Reuben D New York 

Simard, George A Montreal, Canada 

Slater, Fred C., American Consul, 

Sarnia, Canada 

Smiley, Albert K Lake Mohonk, N. Y. 

Smith, Delavan Indianapolis, Ind. 

Smith, Payson Augusta, Me. 

Smith, Robert A. C New York 

Smith, Mrs. Tunstall Baltimore, Md. 

Smith, Dr. William H New York 

Snow, Dr. William Benham New York 

Sothern, Edward H New York 

Spalding, Burleigh F Bismarck, N. D. 

Speyer, James New York 

Sprague, Homer B Newton, Mass. 

Staff, Fred Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Standish, Miles New York 

Starace, Achille New York 

Stella, Dr. Antonio New York 

Stelzle, Dr. Charles New York 

Stern, Louis New York 

Stetson, Francis Lynde. New York 

Stewart, John A New York 

Stewart, Nathaniel B., American Consul, 

Durban, South Africa 

Stewart, William Rhinelander New York 

Stillman, Dr. William Olin Albany, N. Y. 

Stires, Rev. Ernest M New York 

Stokes, Surgeon-General Charles F., 

Washington, D. C. 

Straus, Nathan New York 

Strong, Rev. Josiah New York 

Stryker, Dr. M. Woolsey Clinton, N. Y. 

Stuart, Henry C New York 

Stuart, Mrs. Ruth McEnery New York 


Sulzberger, Cyrus L New York 

Sutton, Dr. W. S Austin, Texas 

Symons, Colonel Thomas W., 

Washington, D. C. 

Talcott, James New York 

Tappan, John B. Coles New York 

Taylor, Charles L Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Taylor, Francis R Philadelphia, Pa. 

Tackara, Alexander M., American 

Consul-General Berlin, Germany 

Thomas, John Lloyd New York 

Thompson, James M New Orleans, La. 

Thompson, Colonel Robert M New York 

Thomson, T. Kennard New York 

Thruston, General Gates P Nashville, Tenn. 

Thwing, Dr. Charles F Cleveland, O. 

Todd, Mackenzie R Frankfort, Ky. 

Torney, Surgeon-General George H., 

Washington, D. C. 

Towne, Henry R New York 

Trenor, John J. D New York 

Trimble, Commander Harvey M., 

JPrinceton, 111. 

Trueblood, Benjamin F Boston, Mass. 

Tryon, James L Boston, Mass. 

Tucker, William A New York 

Tuttle, Mrs. George F Plattsburg, N. Y. 

Twitchell, Seldon Philadelphia, Pa. 

Utley, Henry Munson Detroit, Mich. 

Van de Water, Rev. George R New York 

Van Dyke, Dr. Henry Princeton, N. J. 

Van Hee, Julius A., Vice-Consul, 

Ghent, Belgium 

Van Hise, Dr. Charles R Madison, Wise. 

Van Sant, Howard D., American Consul, 

Dunfermline, Scotland 

Van Sinderen, Howard New York 

Wadsworth, Eliot Boston, Mass. 

Wagner, General Louis Philadelphia, Pa. 

Wakefield, Ernest A., American Consul, 

Port Elizabeth, South Africa 

Wald, Miss Lillian D New York 

Walker, Henry Oliver Lakewood, N. J. 

Wallin, Prof. A. R Kenilworth, N. J. 

Walsh, Julius S St. Louis, Mo. 

Wandling, James L New York 

Ward, Dr. George Morgan Aurora, N. Y. 

Warfield, Dr. Ethelbert D Easton, Pa. 

Warren, William J Detroit, Mich. 

Warren, General Winslow Boston, Mass. 

Washington, Horace Lee, American Consul, 

Liverpool, England 

Wason, Leonard C Boston, Mass. 

Watchorn, Robert Los Angeles, Cal. 

Watrous, Richard B Washington, D. C. 

Watterson, Henry Louisville, Ky. 

Weiss, A. B Duluth, Minn. 

Wheeler, Justice Charles B.... Buffalo, N. Y. 

White, Andrew D Ithaca, N. Y. 

White, Mrs. Horace Syracuse, N. Y. 

White, Professor John William, 

Cambridge, Mass. 


Whiting, Charles H Paris, France 

Wilber, David F., American Consul-General, 

Vancouver, Canada 

Wilcox, Ansley Buflfalo, N. Y. 

Wiley, Dr. Harvey W Washington, D. C. 

Wiley, Louis New York 

Wilbur, Alonzo Hamilton, N. Y. 

Willcox, William R New York 

Williams, Clark New York 

Williams, Frank F Buffalo, N. Y. 

Williams, Mornay New York 

Williams, Roger Butler Ithaca, N. Y. 

Willrich, Gebhart, American Consul, 

Quebec, Canada 

Wilson, Mrs. Augustus J New York 

Wilson, George T New York 

Wilson, Samuel M Lexington, Ky. 

Winkler, Eli Cincinnati, O. 

Wise, Dr. Stephen S New York 

Wister, Owen Philadelphia, Pa. 

Witherbee, Frank S. New York 

Witherbee, Walter C Port Henry, N. Y. 

Wolf, Julius H. G San Francisco, Cal. 

Woods, Mrs. Joseph S Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

Wood, William M Boston, Mass. 

Woodford, General Stewart L New York 

Woodruff, Clinton Rogers. ..Philadelphia, Pa. 

Woodruff, Timothy L New York 

Woodward, Robert S Washington, D. C. 

Worthington, George H Cleveland, O. 

Yerby, William J., American Consul, 

Sierra Leone, West Africa 
Yeska, Joseph New York 


Expense Statement 

From the time of the preliminary meeting, 
at which the National Committee was organ- 
ized, up to date (February, 1910-April, 1912). 
expenditures have been as follows : 

Printing $1,024.25 

Postage 924.97 

Maintenance 4,721.70 

Traveling expenses. Con- 
ferences and Hearings.. 1,465.32 

Entertainment G45.30 


Work contributed by Buf- 
falo at an expense of 
over 2,000.00 

Total $10,781.54 

The Committee's correspondence has 
amounted to about 30,000 letters, much of it 
4c. and foreign. 

All service, aside from clerical, is and has 
been volunteer. No member of the Com- 
mittee receives any pay for his services. 

Constitution and By-Laws 

1. The name of this Association shall be the Na- 
tional Committee for the Celebration of the One 
Hundredth Anniversary of Peace Among English- 
Speaking Peoples, 1914-1915. 

2. The National Committee shall be composed of 
men and women resident in the United States or 
Canada, and representative of their respective com- 

3. The number of members of the Committee shall 
be without defined limit. 

4. The officers of the Committee shall be a Chair- 
man, Vice-Chairmen of a number not to exceed seven 
(7), a Secretary and a Treasurer. 

5. The National Committee shall meet annually, 
or subject to the call of the Chairman of the National 
Committee, or of the Executive Committee. 

6. An Executive Committee, without specific limit 
as to number, shall be chosen from among the mem- 
bers of the National Committee. 

7. The Executive Committee shall begin organiza- 
tion with a membership not to exceed one hundred 
(100) ; and it may, from time to time, add to this 
number from the membership of the National Com- 
mittee as the National Committee shall increase in 

8. The officers of the Executive Committee shall 
be a Chairman and a Secretary, and it shall have as 
members ex-officio the regularly chosen officers of 
other committees. 

9. The Executive Committee shall be the working 
organization of the Nationnl Committee, shall do the 
work of organization, and shall develop and carry out 
any plan or program initiated with the National Com- 


mittee; or the Executive Committee may, of itself, ini- 
tiate and carry out any plan that it may deem neces- 
sary to make in order to meet any requirement; and 
It may delegate these powers and this authority to a 

10- To expedite and facilitate the working out of 
the National and Executive Committees' plan and 
purpose, a Sub-Executive Committee of not more than 
twenty-five (25) members to be appointed by the Chair- 
man of the Executive Committee, shall be organized 
and to It may be delegated the carrying out of the 
plan and purpose of the National and the Executive 
Committee, and also the full powers of initiative of 
such committees; except that the Sub-Executive Com- 
mittee shall, when requested by the Executive Com- 
mittee, make report as to progress; and the Sub-Ex- 
ecutive Committee must, through the Chairman of the 
Executive Committee, who shall be Chairman ex-officio 
ot the Sub-Executive Committee, report at regular in- 
tervals, of a period of not more than three (3) 
months, to the Executive Committee. 

11. TTie Sub-Executive Committee may when ne- 
cessary, employ or authorize the employment of sten- 
ographers, clerks and agents, to whom may be paid 
compensation; and it may rent, or cause to be rented 
suitable office or offices where the business of the 
committees shall be transacted. And the Sub-Executive 
Committee is hereby authorized, subject, however to 
sections 13 and 17 of the Constitution and By-Laws 
to contract such expense as may be deemed neces- 
sary in the carrying out of the plan and purpose of the 
peace celebration project. 

t,-,i^>J^^vF''''''""''^ Committee and the Sub-Execu- 
tive Committee may, when necessary, create commit- 
shall rPnnr?';^.'^\, purposes, which special committees 
shall report to the said Executive, or said Sub-Execu- 
tive Committee which shall, in turn, annually make 
ajull report of their affairs to the National Commit- 

h^l'rJ^^ Treasm-er of the National Committee shall 
be a member er-officio of the Finance Committee. The 
Treasurer shall be the custodian of the funds of the 

^rTelll' fn^}'\'^''^^ d^^^ °^ ""^^ t° be drawn 
fi^l .u^-^^"^ disbursement, and he shall act with 
the authority and under the direction of the Sub 
lll^fT Committee. He shall make no disburse- 
ments to any person or persons who shall not show 
authorization from the National, the Executive? or th^ 
Sub-Executive Committee, and he shall pay no ac^ 
count not properly audited and endorsed by the Audit- 
ing Committee. The Treasurer may appoint an as- 
sistant treasurer, to whom he may give power of at- 
orm'^he^H^-^^"."^^' '^ desired^^r neLsIary per- 
tion of th. t' °^ t'-e^S"'!'-. .^"' °"'y ""der the di?ec- 
foThfs'se'vicIs""""" ^"^' ^^^^^^^"^ ^^^ ^' P-d 
14. There shall be a Finance Committee and the 

Sem™of'the°'. '^t '^^"^ ^"'''""^^ "°^-l«t th' 
nZ^^^I u ■ t^^/aid Finance Committee, the number 
thereof being left to the discretion of the said Chair- 

tlii^;^!-^^^*--^*"^"''? . C°'"'"'"ee shall have charge of 
the solicitation raising and collection of funds and 
bv if ^"J? i°' ^\^ '•^Posit of the funds contributed 
tLr! P"^'"' ^°^ 9"^ purposes of the celebration and 
dve .n7'<?\°T."' "^ .the work of the National Execu 
oTotTe'r 'pSe^^oTrposS"'"""^"' '" ^ ^"'^^^'^ '^^^ 
„Ja^' 7,}^^ l""'^^. °^ the Committee shall be exoended 
"he'^Sub f" .'^/'"."'■T °f the Executive CommK^'or 
tfle bub-Executive Committee, n the carrying out and 

N: Ix^ns^e sill' h ^^"^^^' S'\"' '' P-vidld°lbov"e^ 
any subordinate n^ incurred by any Committee, or 
nr r,f ^*^' °'^ sub-committee, or by any nerson 

o any °subord?n^r"''"^' I' " P^r' of any'coVm'ktee', 
i°n excess of th^^' "''/"b-committee, in any amount 
ft,.. J -"t *"^ ^"™ of money actually on denosit in 
he TrSre^ of the committee%r in th'e posSion of 
scribed hv?«V .^ "an'^e Committee, or already sub- 

committee. This Section 16 of the Constitution 

and By-Laws, approved as a part of the Constitution 
and By-Laws of the National Commiuee, at a meet- 
ing, regillarly called, at which meeting, held at the 
Lawyer's Club, No. 130 Broadway, City of New 
York, on January 12, 1911, at 4:80 P. M., a quorum 
was present and voted affirmatively, cannot and shall 
not be repealed, or amended, except at a meeting of 
the National Committee, ten days' notice being given, 
a majority of the committee being present, and three- 
fourths of such majority voting in the affirmative. 

17. An Auditing Committee of three (3) members, 
of which the Treasurer may be Chairman ex-officto, 
shall be appointed by the Executive Committee, act- 
ing through its Chairman, to which Committee shall 
be referred all bills and accounts payable, and all 
memoranda of expense of whatever name or nature; 
and no money or moneys shall be paid out by the 
Treasurer, or by the Finance Committee, in liquida- 
tion of any account, unless such account shall have 
the endorsement of the Auditing Committee, or a 
majority thereof. In the absence at one time of a 
majority of the members of the Auditing Committee, 
the Chairman thereof shall have power to delegate 
some member or members from the Executive or Na- 
tional Committees to serve, pro tern, as members of the 
said Auditing Committee. 

18. To supplement and interpret sections 16 and 17 
of this Constitution and By-Laws, it is herewith ex- 
plicitly ordered and directed that no committee other 
than the National, the Executive, the Sub-Executive, 
or the Finance Committee, acting through the National, 
the Executive, or Sub-Committee, shall have power to 
disburse or to direct the disbursement of money, or 
moneys, in connection with the carrying out of the 
plan and purpose of the Committee, or shall have 
power to authorize the expenditure of money or 
moneys for any purpose whatsoever; and these com- 
mittees will not be responsible for any expense in- 
curred by any person, or persons, purporting to be, 
or actually a member, or members, of, or repr^ent- 
ing any, or all, of these committees, or the officers 
thereof, who shall, without authority, and without the 
cognizance and consent of the above-named committee 
or committees, incur any obligation whatever, for any 
purpose whatsoever. . . . 

19. There shall be chosen from time to time, either 
upon the initiative of the National Committee, or the 
Chairman thereof, or of the Executive Committee, or 
of the Chairman thereof, or the Sub-Executive Com- 
mittee, or the Chairman thereof, persons who shall be 
selected because of conspicuous merit to serve as hon- 
orary officers, or honorary members, of the National, 
the Executive, or standing, or special committees; and 
there are hereby created the following offices: Honorary 
Chairman, Honorary Vice-Chairman, Honorary Mem- 
bers of the National Committee, Honorary Chairman, 
Honorary Vice-Chairmen, and Honorary Members of 
the Executive Committee. « . t' 

20. The Executive Committee and the Sub-Execu- 
tive Committee shall create and organize such stand- 
ing, general, or special committees as may be deemed 
necessary in the carrying out of this project. 

21. The Executive Committee may, acting through 
some of its members, incorporate the above "National 
Committee for the Celebration of the One Hundredth 
Anniversary of Peace Among English-Speaking Peo- 
ples, 1914-15," and under some special and particu- 
lar title; but said proposed incorporation shall not in- 
terfere with the organization already formed, nor 
abrogate, nor repeal this Constitution and By-Laws, 
nor in any way cause to be superceded the National, 
Executive, Sub-Executive, or other committees organ- 
ized in accordance with the terms and provisions of 
this Constitution and By-Laws, or the regularly chosen 
officers thereof. . , , . 

22. The National organization, as perfected here- 
with, and its officers, and its committees, and the 
officers of its committees, shall be the permanent organ- 
ization for a period of four years from the twelfth 
day of January, 1911, at which time the above referred 
to organization was finally completed. 




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